The Real Value of a Professional Wedding Photographer

Unfortunately photography and photographers don’t get the credit they use to. Now everyone that has a phone or a cheap DSLR is considered a photographer. I see a new wedding photographer pop up about every other week. This has led people to think that it doesn’t take much to be a photographer and all we do is push a button. I actually had someone call me about family portraits because they were upset about JC Penny wanting $60. That’s how little some people value photography these days. Anyway, I’m not here to whine about things, I’m here to educate because I think everyone is better off with knowledge. Today I’m going to try my best to explain the real value of a professional wedding photographer. I might not be able to do all the professionals justice, but I’ll at least try to give a good explanation.

The Real Value of a Professional Wedding Photographer

It’s hard to put a dollar amount on your wedding or your memories, but people do it all the time. This is the real big point here. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and for some reason, people don’t think of it that way. Your photos are all you will really have left from your wedding. It’s what you will have 10, 20 years from now and what you will show your children and grandchildren. Don’t you want someone you can trust to take care of that?

The Real Value of a Professional Wedding Photographer

Professional wedding photographers are professionals for a reason. They have educated and trained themselves to the point where they know what they are doing and can handle all situations that are thrown at them. If it rains, no big deal. Dark reception? Not a problem. They have been able to produce excellent work over and over again throughout the years, or they would have gone out of business or gained a bad reputation. Overall, you can trust them to make sure your images are beautiful and will last forever.

First dance at Magnolia Gardens in Springdale

Another real value of professional photographers that most people don’t think about is the experience. Professionals are going to create a better overall experience for the bride and groom and everyone there. Again, they’ve been to a lot of weddings so they have valuable knowledge and guidance to dispense. They know how to cut cakes, work with other vendors, and how to calm down a stressed out bride. Their experience will benefit you and make your wedding day wonderful.

Engagement photo at Prairie Grove Battlefield

When people contact me, the first question they often ask me is about prices and packages. What I really wish they would ask is about what I do. How I’m different than all the other photographers out there. That’s where the Real Value of a Professional Wedding Photographer lies. It’s not about a dollar amount or what size prints. What really matters is will this photographer make my wedding day the best day ever and help me remember it? That’s value.

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