Revive Summit by Made in the Lab

As I’ve stated several, several times, I am a big fan of education. I believe we should all try to constantly improve ourselves through education and practice. I’ve been building into my days time for education, and it’s been nice. I’ve watched lots of videos and read lots of posts and books. Today, though, I started watching something that was truly helpful: the Revive Summit by Made in the Lab.

Revive Summit by Made in the Lab

I’m really don’t know much about Made in the Lab or how I even found the Revive summit, but I’m glad I did. I’ve watched plenty of these photography webinars before, and the majority of them I don’t like. The presenters are fake and annoying and more concerned with selling me something than actually educating me. I didn’t feel that way today while I was watching. I found them to be genuine and most of the products they endorsed weren’t theirs. There was never a hard sell. “Save $500 in the next 5 minutes…” For those reasons, I continued to watch, and I plan on watching the next few days.

I’ve only had time to really watch two of the sessions, and I’ve already picked up some big ideas I’d like to implement. One, I’m looking at upgrading my Fundy software. I’ve been using it to design albums and other things for a few years, but they have come out with some new software. With the improvements, I will be able to design albums quicker and have the client involved more in the process. Built into their software, they also have a way to show and sell wall art. It basically has an image of a room and then your pictures are placed on the wall in certain sizes, so the client has a visual. I’ll have to look into everything before I decide. The really big, great idea I heard was  Gively. It’s a bridal registry for your products. Instead of getting things she doesn’t want, the bride can send out a link to her family and friends, and they can buy her things that will last a lifetime, like a canvas print. I love, love this idea.

I’m going to miss the rest of the Revive Summit by Made in the Lab today, but the good news is that they will be replaying everything this Sunday. I still plan on seeing as much live as I can so I can chat and ask questions, but I love that I can catch up and rewatch later. If you have any interest in the photography world, I’d highly suggest you go check it out.

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