Rogers Arkansas Wedding- John and Christi

I was so busy shooting and editing this last year that I really missed out in blogging about some amazing weddings, including John and Christi’s classic Arkansas wedding.

A Christ Centered Arkansas Wedding

John and Christi are both strong Christians, and they waited to get married until they found the perfect person. They really are a perfect match. They are both so kind and generous and full of love. They had a first look at the Pinnacle Hills Country club, and it was probably the most emotional first look of 2014. They were both so nervous and excited to see each other. When John turned around, it was magic.

The ceremony was down the road at Fellowship Bible Church in Rogers. The whole ceremony was very Christ centered. Before the ceremony, John circled up with some of his closest friends for a prayer. Before Christi’s dad gave her away, he prayed over her and John. There were worship songs during the ceremony, and another group prayer on stage. It was obvious where their priorities were.

It’s All About Relationships

John and Christi’s Arkansas wedding was setup to be the flashiest; they were more concerned with relationships and people. The bridal party was gigantic, and then Christi had another special group of girls. When we got all the people involved together, it was around 20 people. The reception was back at Pinnacle Hills, and it was beautiful, but again, centered around people. There was a special table just for kids with a coloring book, a groom’s cake with superheroes, and John and Christi spent the majority of the night just walking around and talking to everyone.

Arkansas wedding garter Arkansas wedding couple portrait golf course Arkansas wedding reception venue Arkansas wedding Arkansas wedding cake Arkansas wedding groom cake superheroes Arkansas wedding walking down aisle Arkansas wedding flower girls with sign Arkansas wedding prayer Arkansas wedding bridal party Arkansas wedding first look Arkansas wedding bride and bouquet Arkansas wedding first lookUnfortunately not all marriages are going to last, but from what I saw at this Arkansas wedding, John and Christi are the perfect example for all marriages. They are hard working, kind, loving, and put the other first. A lesson for myself and everyone to learn.

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