Rogers Wedding Photographer: April and Brett’s Wedding

Sometimes things take awhile to develop and bloom. Well, this wedding took me exactly one year to get up on the blog, so happy anniversary to April and Brett! These two were a very relaxed couple to work with even when the situations weren’t that relaxing. Their Rogers wedding was extremely unique and cute, and everyone had a great time even with a torrential rainstorm.

Rogers Wedding Photographer: Dealing with Bad Weather

We showed up at Creekwood Gardens early to capture all the details and getting ready photos, and everything went very smoothly. I hung out with the guys the majority of the time, while my second photographer worked with the ladies. The guys were pretty funny. The dressing room for the guys is a separate building, and it is quite nice, but it wasn’t big enough for Brett’s large group. I laughed a lot while with them. One thing I found amusing was one of the groomsmen had special socks. It was a shark, and the design made it look like it was eating his leg. I also giggled at a cufflink when somehow a cufflink got dropped into someone’s drink. It was just there at the bottom until someone fished it out.

The ceremony was held in the large field at the back of Creekwood Garden’s, and it was different than any other ceremony I have seen. April and Brett are both big into the arts, mainly poetry, so during the ceremony, several of the bridal party read poems. Instead of lighting a unity candle or mixing sand, they decided to do something a little more creative and useful; they made a margarita with the help of the parents.

Life amazes me sometime. Things just line up and workout sometimes. This was one of those situations. As soon as the ceremony was over and everything was done, the rains came. The bridal party made a dash for inside the house while all the guests took shelter in the reception tents. We made the best of the situation and knocked out some portraits while we were inside. A few minutes later, the rain stopped and everything continued.

I loved the details that they had. There were too many for me to talk about all of them, but I will try show them in the photos. As far as my favorite details go, they incorporated wine into a lot of things because, well, they love wine. The name tags, table numbers, and flower holders were all made from corks or wine bottles. For the guests, there was a drink station where they could mix different flavors together, and free bags of coffee at each table.

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The rain did not stop this day from being magical and fun for all. April and Brett both embraced the day and just let it happen. There was plenty of laughs and energy to go around. It took me a year to get this Rogers wedding up on the blog, but like wine, things get better with time.


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