Rogers Wedding Photographer: Elana’s Engagement

When you’re Rogers wedding photographer, you get to explore and see new places. Some times I will shoot in the same location, but often, I can find a new place within the location or find a different way to shoot it. For Elana and Nick’s engagement photos, we went to Tanyard Creek. I shot Taylor’s engagement session there earlier this year, but we were able to find some brand new spots with Elana.

Rogers Wedding Photographer: Elana’s Engagement

I’ve gone to Tanyard Creek several times for different shoots, and every time I go, I see this high walkway up a hill. There’s a big field down below it, and I’ve always wanted to shoot someone walking across the top of it, but I never adventured far enough to find out how to get up there. Well, Nick seemed to know how to get up there, so we went looking.

We ended up only having to walk a little bit up a hill, and we found the area I was looking for. We ended up spending some good time up there. We created the shot I had been imagining, but we were also able to do more. The lake was right on one side and a big valley on the other. All we had to do was turn them one way and then the other.

Rogers Wedding Photographer  up hill at Tanyard Creek Laughing by Beaver Lake

Besides that part of the adventure, we used a few of the same spots I’ve used in the past. There’s this really cool leveled mini waterfall area. We caught some good shots there, and I happened to shoot a random one of them walking away that I really liked. Then there was a bench that we did some simple seated shots with.

Tanyard Creek waterfall hugging and laughing at Tanyard Creek walking away holding hands engagement pictures Tanyard Creek Engagement sitting on bench Rogers engagement photo on his back

There are a ton of options out there as far as locations. You really can shoot in the same place over and over again if you are up for exploring or trying something new. The last two times I shot at Tanyard Creek, I have found new spots to use. This makes me think I need to get out there and explore more. As a Rogers wedding photographer that lives in Fayetteville, I bet there are tons of places I’ve yet to explore.

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