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Rogers Wedding Photos: Courtney and Stephen

When I stop and think about a wedding, there’s always something that sticks out about each one. It might be a really touching best man speech, or a super cool cake, or maybe we did some really creative photos. There’s always something, though, that defines each wedding in my mind. For Courtney and Stephen and their Rogers wedding photos, there are multiple things that come to mind about this wonderful day.

Rogers Wedding Photos: Courtney and Stephen

Couple pick a wedding date for multiple reasons. It could be to fit other peoples’ schedules or maybe the date has some personal meaning. When Courtney and Stephen reached out to me about their wedding, they had no idea what their wedding date meant to me. They got married on September 16th which is my youngest son’s birthday. On their wedding, my son turned one. Now, many of you might think that’s strange that I missed my son’s birthday for a wedding. Trust me, I thought about that as well, and I made sure everything was ok with my wife. We ended up celebrating his birthday a different weekend, so it was all good.

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At every wedding something doesn’t go as planned. Most of the time it’s something small and no one notices. Occasionally it happens when everyone is watching. I tell my brides the same thing whether it’s something big or something small. You can make the best out of it. Well, something interesting happened during their ceremony. While moving to a unity candle, Courtney’s shoe fell off. The preacher turned it into a wonderful moment. He brought up the story of Cinderella and connected it to the situation. Stephen then knelt down and put her shoe on. I love that!

Groom putting on bride's shoe like Cinderella

The reception was at the Grand at 117 in Rogers, so everything was wonderful. There were plenty of beautiful details and wonderful moments, but the DJ did something I had never seen before. He had the couple in the middle of the dance floor and had everyone get out their phones and wave them around like it was a concert. It was a really cool moment.

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I will always remember Courtney and Stephen and their Rogers wedding photos. There were so many special things about it and the connection with my son’s birthday. Their photos were beautiful, the day was awesome, and I’m sure they will remember it forever as well.

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