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Sassafras Springs Vineyard Wedding Photos: Cori and Justin

Going into a wedding, I usually don’t know how a couple is going to be. I have an idea of their personality, but when the stress of a wedding is full on, some couples tend to have a harder time dealing with it. When it came to Cori and Justin, I had no worries. They were so easy going during their engagement session and all the times we talked. I just knew it was going to be a relaxed, fun day! Their Sassafras Springs Vineyard Wedding Photos turned out amazing, and they were equally amazing!

Sassafras Springs Vineyard Wedding Photos: Cori & Justin

For some strange reason, I’ve only had one other wedding in the past 3 years at Sassafras Springs Vineyard. Back then, it was relatively new. It’s such a cool place. They’ve got this big, fancy barn that is usually used for receptions, an old brick building without a roof that is used for ceremonies, and just a ton of fields and trees. I hope I get to start doing a lot more of them in the future.

macro shot of wedding ring in a purple flower bridal portrait at Sassafras Springs Vineyard bride and groom surrounded by trees bridal portrait in field at Sassafras Springs Vineyard

I had so much fun with Cori and Justin. They are just super nice people and so easy going. We had a good amount of laughs as well. During the groomsmen photos, the guys each did something special with Justin as a joke. One got down and proposed and another even picked Justin up. Funny stuff. Then, right before Cori walked down the aisle, the best man gave Justin a Wet Willy. Turns out its an inside joke between Justin and a relative. Besides that, there was some super creative dancing throughout the night.

bestman giving a wet willy to groom bride walking down the aisle in the chapel ruins at Sassafras Springs Vineyard tying the knot ceremony

There were also several things Justin and Cori did to make their wedding unique. During the ceremony, they did a knot tying ceremony (tying the knot, get it). Justin’s cake was also really unique. He really loves playing board games, so the groom’s cake was fashioned after one of those games. I don’t really know anything about the game, but it did have spaceships.

funny group photo at the back of the chapel ruinscouple in the doorway of the chapel ruins bride looking over groom's shoulder couple portrait in vineyard groom holding her dress while walking Center pieces at wedding at Sassafras Springs flower wedding cake by Rick's custom groom's cake with board game first dance at Sassafras Springs Vineyard crazy dancing Sassafras Springs Vineyard couple portrait at Sassafras Springs Vineyard with purple gel Sassafras Springs Vineyard Wedding Photos

When you look at Justin and Cori’s Sassafras Springs Vineyard Wedding Photos, I think you can see their love and just their joy. Everything about them was just happiness. It was a truly fun and exciting day that I got to spend with some great people.

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