SEO Help for Wedding Photographers

Google can make or break a business. I’d say about 45-60% of my weddings come from Google searches. Without Google, these people probably never would have known about my photography business and certainly wouldn’t have hired me. The battle for high Google rankings is a tough one, and it’s something I have to work on pretty regularly. There’s a lot of SEO help for wedding photographers out there, but it can be a bit overwhelming. Right now I’m in the middle of wading through a bunch of these resources to find the good stuff.

SEO Help for Wedding Photographers

I’ve worked on my SEO for the past 6 years or so now, and in the past, I mainly used a book to get good results. Things have changed and Google has updated since then, so my old book is no longer relevant. I’ve found some newer books, but I’ve also started looking at computer programs as well.

SEO Books

Awhile back I bought some kind of deals from 5daydeals and within the two bundles, I ended up with 2 SEO books. One was from the SLR Lounge, which is highly known and respected, and the other was from Zach Perez. I started off with the one from Perez about 4 months ago, and I honestly don’t remember if I made it through the whole thing. From what I remember, it looked very professional and had some good advice, but it was very basic, so I knew most of it already. I also felt like it lacked some organization. I need someone to tell me very clearly, do this, this, and this. As of right now, I’m about half way through the SLR Lounge book. It fits more into my style of writing and I feel like I can follow it better. About three days ago, I was randomly looking on Amazon and found another SEO book, and it was only $1. So far I’m liking what I’m reading, and I’ve found a few different tips that weren’t in either of the previous book. The cool thing is I get a free updated version of the book when they make one.

SEO Programs

I knew there were programs out there that could help with SEO, but I always figured that I could just read a book and figure things out on my own. This has worked for me, but I started wondering if there was an easier, more productive way. I honestly don’t remember how I found these programs, but I think one of them was mentioned in an SEO book, which led me to the other program.

The first program I’m considering is SEO Power Suite. It’s a mixture of several programs that help with tracking ranks and finding keywords, auditing your own site, creating links, and your social media. I’ve had a chance to fiddle around with several of them, and it does appear to be helpful. They might be a bit robust and overwhelming for some because there are a lot of options within each program, but the company does offer tutorial videos. One thing that really stuck out to me was the ability to find websites that might be interested in having a guest blogger. I typed in a few keywords, and the program found several hundred sites and gave me info on them and an email address. The big issue with SEO Power Suite is the price. The starting package is $300, and after six months, you have to start paying a $20 fee, so for the first year, you’re looking at a total of $420 and $240 per year after that. That’s a pretty big cost considering you can use the programs for free, and the only real downside I have seen is you can’t save your work. I think I can handle retyping some things to save that kind of money.

SEO Help for Wedding Photographers

The other program I’ve seen a few times is Market Samurai. This program was suggested by the Amazon book. I haven’t not explored this program nearly as much as the other one, so I’m a bit limited on my knowledge. From what I have seen, Market Samurai has less helpful options built into it, and the interface doesn’t seem nearly as professional. The basic tabs I would use the most involve finding keywords and then finding out how much competition each one has. Honestly, I believe this is something you can do within Google Adword for free. The other tabs seem kind of weird. One focuses on finding products that you can sell using ads and finding content to publish. Both of these seem a little sketchy. The good thing about Market Samurai is the price. It claims to be around $150, but if you download the trial, you can get it for right around $100, and there is no reoccurring fee.

Market Samurai being used for SEO help

Having solid SEO and being highly ranked on Google is worth thousands of dollars for me, so it’s something I try to commit a lot of my time to. The hard thing is knowing what to do with all the changes Google keeps making. You have to keep learning and keep changing to keep up with everything. Luckily there will always be SEO Help for Wedding Photographers out there. I just have to continue to find the best sources and use them as much as possible. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to continue to evaluate the sources I listed, and decide which way to go for my SEO plan.

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