Shannon’s Fayetteville Wedding Film

I tend to peg myself as a wedding photographer and I spend the majority of my time doing photography, but I really enjoy changing things up occasionally and doing a wedding film.

Wedding Film at St. Catherine's at Bell Gable Fayetteville Arkansas

Shannon’s Fayetteville Wedding Film

I returned to one of my favorite venues, St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable for Shannon and Austin’s wedding. She started off getting ready up in their secluded cabin area. I didn’t get a ton of details, but I did manage to get some cool moving shots of her while they were doing portraits.

One thing I really loved was the amount of time allotted for doing portraits before the ceremony. Shannon and Austin did a first look, and then we had a good chunk of time to just get footage of them interacting in different areas.

As far as the ceremony goes, it was beautiful. The weather was extremely nice, and the ceremony was outside with the beautiful stone chapel as a backdrop. Austin had one of the best speeches I’ve heard in a while, even if he did read it off his phone, and there were a lot of emotions throughout the crowd.

After the ceremony, the reception took place near and inside the barn. As far as crazy things from the day, the wrong cake was delivered, but it was still the right flavor and everyone enjoyed it.

There are a lot of ways to exit a wedding, but the most traditional is throwing rice. I’ve actually only seen this once or twice, and photos don’t really capture the action. In Shannon’s wedding film, you can see how crazy it can be, especially when people wind up and pelt you in the face. Shannon and Austin were good sports, though, and rode off in style in a limo, ending a happy day for all.

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