Sheep Dog Impact Assistance in front of waterfall

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance Outdoor Adventure

Do you like adventures like being out in nature or maybe doing something crazy and risky? Truthfully, I’m not that much of an adventurer. I mainly live in my cushy world and do my work in front of a computer. Well, I got the chance to get out of my normal groove and hang out with some amazing people last weekend when I went to photograph the Sheep Dog Impact Assistance Outdoor Adventure.

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance Outdoor Adventure

There are so many people out there that put their lives on the line for us, but they are often forgotten or find themselves lacking purpose once they are done. Sheep Dog Impact Assistance is a local nonprofit that focuses on helping those that help us like the military, law enforcement, fire & rescue, and EMS professions. They reach out to those in need and give them purpose again.

I’ve been involved with Sheep Dog Impact Assistance for 6 years now. I mainly photograph their yearly gala, but on occasion, I’ve been able to photograph some other events for them. I was really excited when they asked me to come along and capture their outdoor adventure on the Buffalo River. I knew it would be something different than what I normally shoot, and I knew I’d get to meet some special people.

Buffalo River Outdoor Adventure

The first day really started out great. We went rafting down the Buffalo River. Initially the plan was to canoe, but the rain had made the levels too high for that. This was better for me because I didn’t have to paddle as much and I could focus on taking photos. We had 6 people in a raft, so I could take out my camera while they paddled and then put it away when we hit rapids.

riding in raft down Buffalo Riverwar vets paddling down Buffalo RiverThe rafting was just wonderful. We had amazing views, the weather was nice, and I was surrounded by great people. Everyone was really just relaxing and having fun. There was some competition between rafts, but nothing too intense. When we got close to each other, there was some splashing and even people jumping from one raft to the next.

catching a water snakewide view of Buffalo River and bluffs

I think the rafting took about 3 hours, and then we went on another adventure. We did a short hike and ended up at these 3 waterfalls. It was a place I’d love to come back to and do some engagements or even a bridal shoot. Just beautiful.

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance in front of waterfall

Day two was just as much fun. We went zip lining! This was a first for me. Not going to lie, I was a bit worried, but after the first tower, I enjoyed the rest. The really cool thing was that I was allowed to bring my camera long with me, so I got photos and video of people flying along and their facial expressions!

preparing for zip liningwar vet zip liningcoming to end of zip line

Later that afternoon, we went on another hike. This one was a longer one, but still, it wasn’t anything difficult. We saw some creeks, a few different caves, and another gigantic waterfall. Again, this whole trail system and park was just ridiculous. It’s 1.5 hours from Fayetteville, but it would be well worth the trip to use that whole area.

creek in Poncagiant cave in Poncawaterfall in PoncaSheep Dog Impact Assistance with flag

Sunday was a shorter day. People were going to be leaving for the airport at different times, so it really was just an open day. Some people went fishing, some rode horses, and some just sat around and rested.

war vet fishinghorse back riding in Ponca

Support this Organization

I already had great respect for Sheep Dog Impact Assistance, but after this outdoor adventure, I got to really get a better appreciation for what they do. My plan is to keep doing all the things I’ve been doing (donations, gala), but I hopefully will get to be more involved in the future. If you’re looking for a way to get involved or a nonprofit to support, I highly recommend you check out Sheep Dog Impact Assistance.

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