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Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer?

A week ago, I was at the Kiss the Bride Expo, and I got a chance to talk to a ton of brides. A good portion of those brides already had a photographer, so instead, we talked about video. I’d say about half the brides were interested in video, and the other half wasn’t really sure if they needed a wedding video. I think that’s a pretty common question: should I hire a wedding videographer? I thought I’d share my thoughts and what I told all those unsure brides.

Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer?

Photos are awesome and extremely important, but I’ve found that video has just as much value and importance. The biggest point is that video can capture things that photography can’t, mainly the things that people said. Now, I’ve asked other people and from my own experience, I’ve learned that most people forget what people say very quickly. I can’t remember a single thing said at my wedding! That’s really sad that those words are gone, and I have no way of getting them back. It’s like I lost a part of my wedding.

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There are some weddings where the words are extremely important. If your officiant is close to you, like a relative or friend, those words they speak are going to be personal and special. A lot of couples choose to write their own vows. Wouldn’t you want that recorded? Then there are the speeches. These are usually part hilarious and part tear-filled. A cell phone recording will never do them justice.

I also think that video does a better job of capturing movement. Photos can kind of show movement, but really, it’s just freezing it. Video lets you see people really laughing (and hear it!) and see the dance moves and the dress swishing around.

In the end, our wedding videos are roughly 8-12 minutes and we also have a 1-minute teaser video. For many, this is an easier format to sit and enjoy. Looking through photos is fun, but you have to keep clicking or swiping and it might take a lot longer. A video just goes on its own and can even be watched on the big screen.

All of these points are good, but what if no one else agreed with me? A year or so ago, I decided to ask a question on Facebook to see what I could do for brides. I simply asked, what is your biggest regret about your wedding and let everyone write in their answers. By far (maybe 75%), said their biggest regret was not having a wedding video or a poorly made one. This was the answer I was expecting, but I really was shocked over how many said that.

Since then, I’ve been pushing video just as much as I do photography. My biggest goal is for the couple to have an amazing wedding, and I honestly believe if I didn’t tell them about video, I would be failing that goal. Whether or not they decide to do video is completely up to them, but I want them to at least know about it.

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If you were on the fence about hiring a wedding videographer, I hope this at least made you learn towards getting one a little bit. Again, I’m not trying to force anyone into it, but I do believe a wedding video is an important thing and will help you fully capture and experience your wedding for the rest of your life. I’d love to hear other brides’ opinions. Let me know your thoughts or regrets about having a wedding video.

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