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Should You Have a DIY Wedding?

The past two days have been a real pain. My Mac has been frozen and there’s one file on it I really need. I’ve read countless Google articles, tried multiple things, and spent roughly 10 hours on this, but still, it’s not working. I’m the type of guy that likes to save money and figure out things by myself, but if things keep going this way, I’m going to have to find a professional. I think a lot of brides are this way as well. They want to save money, so they try to do everything on their own. Is that a good thing or not? Let’s look at, should you have a DIY wedding?

Should You Have a DIY Wedding?

Positives of a DIY Wedding

First, let’s look at the positive sides of having a DIY wedding. I really enjoy figuring things out. Most of the time I can read articles and try different things until I fix my problems. When I do this, I feel really proud and happy. With a wedding, I think there is that same feeling when you do a lot of the work yourself. It’s such a special day anyway, but I think seeing all of your hard work come together will make it even better.

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The obvious positive is that you will be saving money. Weddings are expensive, and we all have budgets. With a DIY wedding, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Negatives of a DIY Wedding

As I mentioned earlier, I’m extremely frustrated with my situation. If you have a DIY wedding, you will be dealing with a lot more stress. I’ve seen the mom of the bride fill in as a wedding coordinator, and shespent the entire day running around and stressed out. Sadly, it seemed like she didn’t enjoy much of the day. Is that stress on yourself or your friends and family really worth it?

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Besides being stressed, you are spending a lot of time working on things. Your time is worth money, so in the end, it might be worth it to hire a professional. What has taken me 10 hours of my time, a professional might have been able to fix in 20 minutes for $80-$150. I’m pretty sure that would be worth 10 hours of my life.

My biggest worry about a DIY wedding is that something will go wrong. The cake might not look right, the sound system doesn’t work, or the coordinator forgets to do something. I am not a professional when it comes to computers, so there is a good chance I will mess something up. The same goes for most people. You might try your hardest, but you probably aren’t on the same level as a professional that works on weddings for a career.

DIY Options

I’m not saying that you can’t have a DIY wedding, but there are definitely some things to consider. You will be putting stress on yourself and others, you will be spending countless hours working on it, and in the end, it might not turn out how you want.

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In my personal opinion, I would try to hire as many professionals as possible for your wedding. Again, I know we all have a budget, so that might not be possible. In that case, focus on the things most important to you or that are hardest to do, and then you can DIY the other less important things. I hope this has been helpful with answering should you have a DIY wedding, and I hope you have a wonderful wedding no matter what you choose.


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