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Small, Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Last week I got to be part of something special. Ashley, someone I’ve known for a long time, was having a small, intimate wedding ceremony and asked me to take photos.

Small, Intimate Wedding Ceremony

groom seeing bridesmall intimate weddingputting on ringThis was so different than my normal weddings. Normally, when I get booked, the wedding is several months to a year away. I think Ashley talked to me two to three weeks before the big day. I’m also used to weddings be a big, crazy event. There’s usually hundreds of people there, tons of decorations, lots of things happening, and I shoot for 6-8 hours. Ashley’s wedding had maybe 20 people there, was at the groom’s parents’ house, there were a few beautiful flowers arrangements, and I was only there for an hour.

dog at weddingdaughter with dad

There were a few things that I really enjoyed. One, I know Ashley, so it was wonderful seeing her happy. Two, Ashley’s daughter was just the cutest thing, and there was a little dog there. Put those two things together and heart explosions! Three, the reception was mainly people giving speeches or sharing thoughts, it was nice seeing this in such a small, personal setting. Everyone was circled up, and almost everyone said something. At big weddings, everyone is spread out and it’s usually only two people that get a chance to talk.

couple in gardenholding daughterbride with daughter

After the speeches, we spent maybe 10 minutes doing photos of the three of them. It was all in the backyard, and I really didn’t do many poses. Still, I love the shots we got of Cody interacting with Harper, and of course, the couple together.

high angle portraitI’ve said this before, and I truly mean it. Weddings should fit what the couple wants. They don’t have to be these extravagant events that cost $30,000-$100,000. Ashley and Cody wanted a small, intimate wedding ceremony, something nice and easy with their closest family and friends. That’s what they got, and I’m sure they were super thrilled with it all!

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