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Springdale Country Club Wedding Photos: Deanna and Clint

It had been about a year since I shot my last wedding at the Springdale Country Club, so I was really excited to get to go back for Deanna and Clint’s wedding. I honestly didn’t really know Deanna or Clint that well because we didn’t do engagements, but I got to know them on the day of, and they are extremely kind and fun to be around. Their Springdale Country Club wedding photos really show off their relationship and family, and that’s what really matters.

Springdale Country Club Wedding Photos: Deanna and Clint

I haven’t explored all of the Springdale Country Club, but from what I’ve seen, it’s classy. The ceremonies are usually held in a large room that has several big windows. I’ve seen people do the ceremony in front of the fireplace, but Deanna and Clint actually had something made just for the ceremony. I thought that was special. They were already bringing children into the marriage, so they did a sand pouring ceremony where all the kids got to be involved. It seems like a lot of weddings lately have been a mixing of children and parents. I know that can be a tough situation, but for Deanna and Clint, all the kids and everyone seemed to really love each other.

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The receptions are held in a this large stained wood room. I really don’t know how else to describe it, but again, it says class. It reminds me of what old buildings use to look like. There’s a bar, room for tables, and dancing. It works well for all of the needs. Usually the food is placed in either the ceremony room or another back room to keep things spread out. There was a lot of dancing that night. The kids were all over the place and the adults joined in as well. The cake was awesome and there were even cupcakes stacked on another layer.

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This wasn’t a traditional wedding for me, but I still got to meet people and capture real emotions. That’s all that really matters. Deanna and Clint’s Springdale Country Club Wedding Photos are full of love and joy. I know they’ll look back at them and remember an amazing night!


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