Engagement session in the woods with champagne explosion

Susannah and Lou Engagement Session in the Woods

Life really is funny. It sure seems like I’m always find some weird connection with people. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived in Fayetteville almost my entire life, but it sure seems like I run into people I know all the time at weddings. This time, it was an engagement shoot. I had been talking to Susannah and Lou through text, so I really didn’t know anything about them.

Finding the Location for the Engagement Session

The first fun part of this adventure was finding the location. They wanted to use some family land, but my phone wasn’t being super helpful. Directions took me to a dirt road with a camera and it said something about no trespassing or something menacing. Luckily, I didn’t try that road. I texted them, and they soon showed up, and I followed them the rest of the way.

The Past Connection

When we rolled up, we started talking about things, and that’s when Susannah told me she knew me. She went to Woodland while I was teaching there. While she didn’t have me, I guess her friends did, and she had heard the tales of Striegler. Hopefully all good.

The area was really nice. It was a relative of theirs. It was a house that had a good amount of space before being surrounded by the woods. It seemed like a very traditional vacation house. There was also a dirt road leading down through the woods that looked really cool. Overall, we had a lot of options.

These two were great. Very light hearted and laughing and messing with each other. I also love that they are both military. Susannah was actually being deployed in a few months, and that’s one of the reasons why they wanted to get photos done. I loved all the interactions between them, and we even had a little fun with some champagne.

These two aren’t getting married until 2025 when she gets back, but I’m really excited for them. The way they look at each other and interact makes me smile, and I can’t wait!

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