Switching to Canon?

Yesterday we shot a wedding and did photo and video, and I once again was confronted with how much equipment I have. Now, I’m not saying I don’t need all of the equipment because I really do. We used every piece of equipment that we brought. The bigger thing that I noticed is that I have a lot of Canon equipment even though I claim to be a Nikon shooter. I was asked the same question that I’ve heard multiple times: why don’t you just shoot all Canon? It’s a legit question, so today I’m going to explore the idea of switching to Canon.

Switching to Canon?

Let’s first look at some of the problems I have with two different systems. Probably the biggest problem is that I can’t switch parts between the systems. When I’m doing video with Canon and photo with Nikon, I have to have different parts for each system. Different batteries, different lenses, different caps. Instead of just having like 6 lenses and using them for both video and photo, I have to own like 10 lenses. This takes up a lot of space and money. It can also be confusing with how things works. Nikon and Canon put buttons in different places and have different things in the menus. It’s a small thing, but it can be annoying not being use to all the controls.

There are a few things keeping me from switching over. One, I’ve already got a complete Nikon setup for photography. I’ve got all the lenses, flashes, and transmitters that just work with Nikon. I would have to sell all that stuff and replace it with the Canon versions. I think I could recoup most of the expenses with selling the Nikon equipment, but there’s still all the effort and time involved with that. I’m also not sure how well the Canon versions compete with the Nikon versions. From the small experience I have shooting photos with Canon, I know I feel more comfortable adjusting my focus point. On Nikon you just move it around with the controller on the back. With Canon, I had to hit a button and then use the controller. I’m sure I could get use to that, but right now it’s annoying.

I really do believe that both Nikon and Canon are great brands, but it is a bit difficult working with two different systems. As of right now I’m not switching to Canon, but I am going to keep evaluating the situation. I think the best idea is to try shooting with Canon a few times and see how I feel about it. If I like it, then I might make the big move.

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