dramatic engagement photo on a hill with clouds

Tanyard Creek Engagement Photos: Scott and Ashley

One thing I always love about engagement sessions is I get the chance to talk to the couple. I always have a good time and find something interesting to talk about, but it was super easy with Ashley and Scott. Scott is a psychologist, and I’ve always loved figuring out people, and Ashley is a doctor and has been at the children’s hospital, so that’s connected to my first son. We might have spent more time talking than taking photos, but either way I had a great time hanging out with them and I love these Tanyard Creek Engagement Photos.

Tanyard Creek Engagement Photos: Scott and Ashley

I’ve used Tanyard Creek before for several other engagement sessions. I try my best to come up with something brand new for every couple, but some spots there are so cool, it’s hard to not use them (Elana and Nick’s engagement photos here). There’s two waterfalls, but I prefer the one with all the ledges and drop offs, and most recently, I’ve been using the walkway by the lake because it has that giant hill below it. Besides those, I tend to just walk around the place and see what I can find. A good chunk of the time there are walkers out, so we have to work around them. Most move on pretty quickly, but occasionally, we’ll have someone parked in one spot, and then we have to find a different spot.

engagement photo by a creek Tanyard Creek Engagement Photos: Scott and Ashley engagements in the woods

It was interesting seeing the difference in personalities between Ashley and Scott. Scott was more reserved while Ashley was more into it. This actually happens a lot. I don’t know if it’s just a guy/girl thing or if opposites really do attract. I just let Ashley mess with him a bit and then we got some real smiles out of him. I think he still had fun.

dramatic engagement photo on a hill with clouds engagement photo with the ring

I don’t know when I’ll do Tanyard Creek Engagement photos next, but I bet it won’t be too long. Until then I’ll keep looking at Ashley and Scott’s photos. There wedding is coming up real soon, so we’ll be making some more beautiful memories, and I’ll get to have more psychological discussions; can’t wait!

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