Engagement photo in the woods like a magazine

Tate and Elizabeth’s engagement and bridal shoot combo

We did something a little different and special for Tate and Elizabeth. We actually pulled off an engagement shoot and a bridal shoot in the same afternoon. That’s pretty crazy now that I think about it. Normally each one of those would take close to two hours, but we pulled off both in about three hours, and I think the photos look great. Check out their engagement and bridal shoot combo!

Tate and Elizabeth’s engagement and bridal shoot combo

We started with the engagements because we knew we were going to travel and didn’t want Elizabeth riding in the dress. All the engagement photos were around Lake Fayetteville, and took us maybe 30 minutes. The bad part is half the time was spent walking to get to the bridge and back. As we walked, though, we got some cool photos by the water and some really nice ones right off the trail. The bridge is always a bit difficult with all the bike riders, but we managed to pull it off without anyone getting run over.

Tate and Elizabeth's engagement and bridal shoot combo silhouette engagement photo in Fayetteville Engagement photo in the woods like a magazine engagement photo with the lights at the Ravington engagement photo at the Ravington engagement photo with ivy covered wall

From there, we drove to The Ravington in Centerton. Elizabeth got in her dress and Tate went off on some adventure. The Ravington has this awesome white bridal suite, so I always make sure to use it. They also have a really cool front door. Elizabeth had a super long and detailed veil, so one of my favorite photos was of her standing in the door with it spread out. Very cool.

bridal portrait in a courtyard High angle photo of bride seated on floor bridal portrait closeup at the Ravington Bride with veil in front of entrance to the Ravington wide shot of bride in doorway bridal portrait in bridal suite at the Ravington

The engagement and bridal shoot combo was a fun night! I knew Tate from the junior high days, so I really enjoyed getting to talk to him as we did everything. It’s always good to catch up. I’ll be sharing their wedding soon as well. Tate and Elizabeth’s wedding was a few weeks ago, and it was one of the most energetic ones I’ve ever been a part of, so be ready for some crazy dance photos.

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