Technology-Driven Wedding Photography Themes to Watch out For

Today, we’re having our first guest blogger ever. Isabella Foreman, from , explores some of the new technology trends showing up at weddings and how to implement them. 

Selfie at a wedding

In the world we live in, where technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives, we were eventually bound to witness some major changes when it comes to weddings as well. Modern technology has crept its way into weddings and set some pretty exciting trends that transform weddings and turn them into amazing futuristic events.

From wearable tech and 3D-printed decorations and cakes to actual robots and driverless cars – people are using modern technology to upgrade their weddings and take them to a whole new level. However, when it comes to technology at weddings, it has found its most common use in photography. If you want to up your game and take photos at weddings like a boss, take a look at the following photography tech trends that recently hit the wedding scene.

Going Pro with GoPro
GoPro for a wedding

GoPro cameras have become the most used tech devices at weddings nowadays. With GoPro, you can capture a number of little moments that otherwise couldn’t be captured. The extraordinary GoPro camera can provide you with an exciting opportunity to go beyond your vantage point and capture unique and candid moments, since it can be attached to pretty much anything.

It can be attached to a selfie stick or a disco ball, placed inside a bridal bouquet and even attached to an alcohol bottle for some fun close-ups from your friends and family. You may think that a GoPro camera is used only for videos, but you can take some stunning photographs with it as well. It allows you to set up a wedding time-lapse, which can take amazing snaps, so you definitely shouldn’t miss out on a great opportunity to use it.

Shooting with Selfie Sticks
Selfie Stick for weddings

Using selfie sticks is a trend that is certainly not going away anytime soon. It’s pretty obvious that you can take some great photos with selfie sticks, so make sure you always have a few lying around. What’s more, whenever you are supposed to shoot at a wedding, suggest that the couple buys a selfie stick for each table, so that their guests can take photos as well. Not only would it be fun for everyone, but it would also help you document every wedding in a completely new and different way.

Periscoping the Wedding
Periscope for weddings

Live streaming is becoming more and more popular at weddings and it is especially important for couples whose friends and family happen to be far away and cannot take part in their big day. That is where you come in. Therefore, apart from taking photos and making memorable videos, you can live stream an entire wedding, so that anyone who couldn’t make it can watch it from any of their devices.

You can use Periscope, but there are a lot more apps that you can use to make awesome live streams, so make sure you do your homework. In order for the people to be able to tune in easily, you should consider dividing your live stream into several separate ones. For instance, you can make one for the ceremony, another for the first dance, another one for the toasts, and so on and so forth until the last minute of the wedding day.

Droning the Wedding
drone for wedding

Drones have become quite a big hit at weddings, since they can make stunning aerial shots and capture unique moments that were never before possible to capture. Drones are absolutely amazing and can provide you with an excellent opportunity to shoot photos from every imaginable angle, so you should definitely start using them, if you haven’t already.

However, you need to check the FAA regulations for the wedding venue first, since drones are not allowed everywhere. Also, make sure you learn how to fly a drone before bringing it to a wedding, so that no one gets hurt – safety first. The number one rule is to never fly a drone too close over people’s heads, but be sure to learn all the other rules for flying a drone, so that you can easily take photos with it and capture every wedding in the best possible way.

Final Words

It’s important to always keep up with the latest photography trends in order to be able to bring your “A” game to every single job you do. Since photography goes hand in hand with technology, especially these days, you need to be updated on the tech trends as well. Therefore, make sure you follow the trends mentioned above, but you should definitely not stop there. Always strive to learn new stuff, because that is precisely what will help you become better at what you do.

The last, but not the least, piece of advice you can use is to learn how to shoot in different weather conditions, since you never know when a wedding is going to take place outdoors and bad weather should not be an enemy to a good photographer. It certainly can be challenging, but it’s nothing you cannot handle.

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