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The #1 Mistake Wedding Couples are Making

Can you remember the first time you tried to do something like ride a bike, tie your shoes, or maybe a crazy difficult math problem? How’d it go? Most likely it was a struggle and you made some mistakes. That’s perfectly normal. You don’t want that for your wedding, though. Check out what these 7 wedding professionals have to say about the #1 mistake wedding couples are making, so you won’t!

The #1 Mistake Wedding Couples are Making

wedding couple in front of giant ivy wall​I see a lot of couples who do something because they “have” to do it at their wedding because their friends who got married before them did that as well. There are no rules to hosting a wedding, just the polite concept of hosting a party with guests comfort in mind at all times. Don’t want to wear a white dress? Don’t do it! Want to serve breakfast food at an evening wedding? Do it! Don’t want to send out expensive Save The Dates? Don’t do it! Want to have your dog be the ring bearer? Do it! If your guests walk away from your wedding happily exclaiming “that was soooo them!” then you’ve thrown a wedding that reflects the two of you as a couple and it’s all good.

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Find What Matters Most

It is so easy to get caught up the social media pressure to make the big day fairy tale perfect. We work with brides everyday who impose undue stress on themselves, trying to please social media followers vs focusing on making the day special and amazing for them and their future spouse. There are so many beautiful ideas and gorgeous pictures out there. When couples want that level of perfection on a fixed budget, it can be really stressful. Prioritize the things that matter most and personalize as much as possible but don’t stress out over every little detail being Instagram perfect.



Go Big!

Most couples under estimate the cost of florals or the importance they have in creating a beautiful atmosphere. If they are doing florals in the reception and ceremony, the average bride needs to spend $2500-5000. Also, it is better to put the money in large impact pieces than small florals scattered around.

***To add to what she said, I believe this is great advice overall for your wedding. Find out how much things really cost before you get started. Then, focus on the big things that matter to you instead of trying to do a hundred small things. ****



Trust Your Vendors!

The #1 mistake wedding couples are making: Not trusting their vendors to help them with the process. That might go hand in hand with not hiring the right vendors… Lots of people have the best of intentions and try to be helpful, but often the things they do either complicate the planning process or end up costing the couple more money in the long run. Great vendors can take a budget for a component of a wedding and truly give a client the maximum results for that money – the client just has to be open to suggestions and recommendations. The professionals you hire know their craft, and know how to get you the most for your money!

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You Get What You Pay For

I believe the #1 mistake most couples make is looking for wedding entertainment based solely on price. While price is a big factor it doesn’t tell you how good an entertainer is. The biggest saying in our industry and the one that rings the most true is “You get what you pay for.” Do your research and don’t just ask about price because prices are all over the place but you will get what you pay for.

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Choosing their date before they choose their venue.

The wedding venue plays such an important role in the day!  Most couples do a great job of knowing which venue resonates with them and is the best fit. Since the most popular venues really stay booked solid in Northwest Arkansas, it will save a lot of angst if the venue shopping process begins with a list of several possible dates instead of just one date that the couple already has their heart set on.  A good list of date options instead of just one, increases the likelihood of availability and then the ultimate choice can be based on the venue that feels just right, instead of simply which venue happens to be open. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your planner for venue suggestions! There are new places opening all of the time, and they tend to stay in the know about what’s coming!  

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Don’t Wait!

Waiting until the last minute to solidify vendors, specifically caterer, photographer, music, and venue can lead to a wedding that is not exactly what the couple had their hearts set on. Some of the more popular wedding vendors are booked out a year in advance. Book early and pay the deposit as soon as possible or you risk going with your second or third choices. 


First dance at Cypress BarnFor me, I believe the biggest mistake couples are making is not asking for enough help. Too often, brides try to take on all the responsibility, and it can be overwhelming. Don’t do that!

Find people that can help you. It could be your friends and family or wedding professional. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions. Most wedding vendors would love to help.

Weddings are not easy to plan (that’s why there are wedding planners), and I know you want your wedding to be wonderful. Hopefully these tips help and you avoid the mistakes mentioned about.

If you’re still confused or worried about your big day, don’t make the mistake I mentioned!. Reach out to any of the vendors above and ask a question. I’ve also got more tips on the blog, and I’ve put together several guides that can make a huge difference.

Overall, remember that this is about you two and getting married. In the end, your relationship and your future is what really matters. Happy planning!

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