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The 8 Most Popular and Helpful Wedding Planner Apps

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming and stressful task. There are so many details to plan, things to buy, and decisions to make. It is easy for a bride-to-be to get overwhelmed with all of the planning that needs done! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the top wedding planner apps out there. These apps will help you stay organized during your planning process as well as provide helpful tools for creating lists, setting budgets, organizing guest lists, etc.

Best Wedding Planning Apps & Websites to Know Now

There are so many amazing apps available these days, and many of them can help with planning your wedding. When we created this list, we tried our best to find the most popular and most helpful wedding planning apps.

The ones we included were what we considered the best in a certain category. If you find that you don’t like one of ones we mention, try out an alternative. We’d also love to hear about any wedding planner apps that you’ve found.

Benefits of Using Wedding Planning Apps

Although there are many amazing benefits to using wedding planner apps, the number one reason is that they provide peace-of-mind. Whether you’re a bride-to-be, wedding planner, or even just an event guest; we all know what it’s like to be stressed and overwhelmed.

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A little bit of organization goes a long way in life. And the more organized our lives are, the less stress we feel on a daily basis. So whether you want some extra help with your wedding planning or you just want to be more organized in general, these apps can definitely be a useful tool for you.

How can I use apps for wedding planning?

There are wedding planning apps for almost every aspect of your wedding. You can find apps for picking your color palette, to hiring wedding vendors, a wedding countdown clock, or a style quiz.

My best advice is to think about where you are really struggling and find a few a few wedding planning apps that can help you in that area. That last thing you want is 20 wedding apps that are making you more confused.

Which phones can I use the wedding apps on?

You can use wedding planning apps on any phone. Many of them are specifically made for the iPhone and Android, but you should be able to find a website that will work on your mobile device too!

What is the cost of using a wedding planner app?

Most wedding planning apps are free. Some of them have some extra features that cost a little bit, but those costs will be small as well! Try to find out that information before you commit to an app. It would be extremely annoying to spend a lot of time and then realize you can’t finish unless you pay.

When should we start using the planning app?

We recommend starting to use your wedding planning app as soon as you’re engaged. Start with the basics like setting up a budget, finding vendors, and anything else that’s really important for you!

What to do before you download a wedding app

As I said, there are so many options out there these days. You need to do some research before downloading every wedding planning app you find.

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Start by doing a search for reviews. What are others saying about it? Then, look at the features. Is it something you really need? Last, make sure it works with your phone and there aren’t hidden fees.

Best Overall Wedding App: Wedding Planner by The Knot

When you think of wedding planning, you probably think about The Knot. If you do any kind of Google search related to weddings, the Knot will be one of the top results. It makes sense that they put together something amazing.

Features of The Knot App

The Knot app is a comprehensive planning tool that will help you visualize your dream wedding. The Knot Mobile App is a must-have resource for all brides. It includes a checklist, timeline, budget, and guest list manager. There are even vendor recommendations for your area and the ability to make a wedding website directly from the app.

Pros of The Knot App

There are many great things about the Knot App. First, it is very user friendly. It has a great interface and the search function makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. The financial features make budgeting easier, but there are also some other helpful tools as well such as a wedding checklist which can be accessed from anywhere in the world!

Cons of The Knot App

One of my biggest issues with The Knot, both the app and the website, is that they promote vendors only based off of money. You have to pay to get to the top of the list if you actually want couples to see your business.

The problem with that is couples might hire someone because they were at the top when their best option isn’t anywhere to be seen on the Knot. I’m not saying there aren’t great options on their vendor recommendations, but know that they paid to get there. Make sure to read their reviews before hiring.

Best App for Inspiration: Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to look for not only DIY wedding projects but also wedding dresses, engagement rings, and decoration ideas. You can save all these ideas on Pinterest boards that can easily find and use later. It’s a great place to put together your wedding vision.

Features of Pinterest App

It is great for finding wedding inspiration for even the most minute details of your wedding planning. When you see an idea you love through the app, you can simply take a photo using the Pinterest lens to learn how to purchase or create the idea.

Use Pinterest to find links to inexpensive, custom products on websites like Etsy. Find checklists and other planning tools posted by other brides. Create boards for all the different aspects of your day to keep your ideas and inspiration organized!

Pros of Pinterest App

The Pinterest app can be really helpful for couples. It can be something you use in short spurts or for hours. You can spend 10 minutes a day and find all types of inspiration as you eat your lunch or sit at home.

It is always getting updated. There are hundreds of new wedding Pins happening all the time. If you can’t find what you want right now, it might show up in the next day or week.

Cons of Pinterest App

It does have some problems. It can be a little overwhelming to find exactly what you are looking for. It can also be difficult to navigate because it’s so easy to get lost in the sea of pins.

Another issue is that if you want specific help from someone, they have to comment on your pin which means both parties need an account. You cannot message them privately.

I also think there’s another issue with Pinterest. It’s not necessarily about the app, but about Pinterest overall. I think too many people get caught up using Pinterest to plan their wedding. They see all of these amazing Pins and want to do something similar. The problem with that is they might not be able to afford it or they have a giant mix of ideas that don’t really fit together. Pinterest can give you some great ideas, but make sure to not get too heavily invested.

Best App for Communication: Joy

Are you wondering how you are going to communicate with all of your wedding guests? Save the Date cards and an invitation will give the basic information, but what if something changes?

Features of Joy app

Joy is a free, easy-to-use app to share details of your wedding. It’s good for the bride and groom and for the guests.

The couple can view the guest list and schedule, send announcements, communicate with guests, upload photos, and set up a countdown timer.

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For guests, they can RSVP digitally, share photos, check the location of the wedding ceremony and wedding reception, look at the schedule details, and interact with other guests.

Pros of Joy app

The best part of the Joy app is that it’s free. There are no subscriptions or hidden fees to worry about. It also works on both iOS and Android devices so you can share with anyone!

Another great thing about this app is that users don’t have to post personal information online, which means there will be less time spent deleting spam and other unwanted content.

Finally, Joy is very easy to use for both the bride and groom as well as their guests. Everyone will be able to send messages back and forth quickly without any issues or complications.

Cons of Joy app

The only downside I can see with the Joy app is that it might not have all of the features that some people might want. If you can’t find something that would be helpful for your wedding, then this may not work out for you.

Best App for Staying on Budget: Mint

Staying on budget can be extremely tough for a bride. It’s hard to know how much to budget and to keep up with expenses as you hire vendors.

Mint can set up a budget for your wedding and keep track of all expenses in one place. That way, you can see where you are with your budget and make better decisions as you go. Many brides get into trouble because they think they have plenty left in their budget and then find themselves with little left when it comes to the last purchases.

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With Mint , you can avoid going into debt and still feel great about how much you’ve accomplished. Mint app allows you to track your wedding costs in order to keep an eye on all your expenses.

Best App for Finding the Unique: Etsy

You can find about anything on Etsy. Earlier this year, I found some Top Gun stickers to send to a groom. Etsy is a great place to view unique and handcrafted items that you can use for your wedding. You’ll find Save the Dates, bridesmaids’ gifts, handmade invitations, wedding favors, cake toppers, custom signs, or even your dress from Etsy. You might find some wedding inspiration you didn’t even know you needed!

Are you a DIY bride? Then the Etsy app might be perfect for you! You’ll be able to find all kinds of supplies and ideas to create just about anything for your wedding.

Features of Etsy app

The Etsy app has an easy-to-use interface with plenty of features.

First, you can browse through all the items that are available on your current location or filter by categories like wedding supplies, handmade goods, vintage home decor and furniture, etc. You’ll also be able to look for specific keywords related to what you’re looking for.

Pros of Etsy app

The best part about the Etsy app is that it’s free and easy to use. You can search through items quickly and stay organized with your wedding planning.

Another great thing about this app is that you get to discover new ideas, products, and services for your wedding while having fun at the same time. It doesn’t feel like you’re working.

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Finally, Etsy is a great place to get unique items for your wedding without breaking the bank. Since you’ll be browsing through all kinds of different shops and sellers, there will be plenty of options to choose from at affordable prices!

Cons of Etsy app

The only downside of using the Etsy app is that you can’t set up a wedding registry for your guests.

If you want to share ideas with friends and family, or if they want to contribute money towards specific purchases, then this might not be the best option for you. There are some on-site registries available through Etsy but they are limited.

Alternatives to Etsy app

Some other options for finding unique and affordable items might be Polyvore and Wanelo.

Polyvore is a social commerce site that allows you to search for items by color, style, brand, etc. It’s similar to Pinterest in the sense that there are all different kinds of boards and categories available.

Wanelo is an online shopping app where users can buy products from many different stores who have partnered with Wanelo. With this option, you’ll have access to more stores and a wider selection of items. This is also another great option for those who want to create their own wedding registry.

Best App for Getting What You Really Want: Honeyfund

Why not give them a gift that shows them how much you care? Is that a set of pots? Probably not. Honeyfund allows guests to contribute to a couple’s honeymoon instead of the normal gift registry.

Features of Honeyfund App

First of all, it’s a free mobile app that doesn’t require any downloads or updates to your phone. You’ll be able to use the site whether you’re online or offline and can access your account from anywhere at anytime with an internet connection!

Secondly, this option will be convenient for all your guests and will save them a trip to the store. All you’ll need is their email address and they can contribute money towards anything that’s not covered in your wedding budget or honeymoon plans!

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Pros of Honeyfund app

With this option, you won’t have any leftover gifts lying around after the big day. All the money will be put towards your honeymoon, so you won’t have to stress about returning items or feeling guilty for not using them.

Another great thing is that this option gives guests a chance to contribute more if they want without breaking any bank! It’s up to each person how much they can afford and it might even turn into an extra-special surprise if they put more than the suggested amount.

Cons of Honeyfund app

The only downside of using Honeyfund app is that you won’t have a way to track how much money has been contributed towards your honeymoon. However, it’s still not too difficult to keep up with the numbers and will add an element of surprise!

Best App to Keep You Organized: Zola Weddings

Do you need the perfect place to share your wedding ideas and inspiration with friends, family members or even coworkers? Zola Weddings is an app designed for couples in search of their dream weddings.

Features of Zola App

First of all, this option will be great if you’re looking for someone who can coordinate your entire day. They have a team of professionals who are available to help with every aspect of the wedding planning process, from finding your venue to sending out invitations.

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They also provide an option where you can create guest lists and send personalized invites through email or Facebook!

Pros of Zola app

Some other great features include planning tools for budgeting purposes and a countdown calendar. You’ll also have access to free printables, DIY projects and even ideas for your bridal party!

Another great thing about using Zola app is that they make it possible for you to connect with other users who are planning their weddings as well. It’s a great way to find inspiration or ask questions from other couples.

Cons of Zola app

The one downside is that they’re not available in all locations. Not everyone will have the option to meet with a Zola representative, but it’s still possible to stay organized without their help!

Best App for Your Wedding Guests: The Guest by The Knot

Your guests want to feel like they are a big part of your wedding. They will be taking photos, whether you want them to or not, and are ready to share them with the world.

The Guest is a photo sharing app by the Knot. It lets your guests easily upload photos, make comments and share them with friends.

Features of The Guest by the Knot App

First of all, this option is free to download on both iOS and Android devices . It’s very easy for users to sign up through Facebook or directly from their mobile device. You can even add location information for every photo, so everyone will know exactly where they are!

Another great thing about this option is that you can create a personalized hashtag for your wedding. This makes it easy to find all of the photos guests have taken throughout their stay and allows them to share everything on social media at once!

Finding the Best Wedding Planning Apps

Technology is constantly changing and updating. What was popular and works now might change in 6 months. These were some of the best wedding planning apps we found, but again, make sure to do your research. Things might have changed.

If these wedding apps helped plan your wedding, I’d love to hear which ones you used. Did one help you find your wedding venue? Did another help you keep track of everything you needed to do? Feel free to comment or email me to share your thoughts. 

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