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The Barn at the Springs Wedding Photos: Morgan and Zach

I shared Morgan’s bridal photos at the Botanical Gardens a few weeks ago, and they were really beautiful. We also had some amazing weather and got some really awesome Barn at the Springs Wedding Photos. It really wasn’t that hard. When you have great weather, a great venue, and a great couple, things are easy!

The Barn at the Springs Wedding Photos: Morgan and Zach

We started the day off doing our normal things: details and getting ready shots. Then, we got to do a first look. We do quite a few of these, but we don’t do them every wedding. I always love a first look, though. It such a better environment to capture that real emotion. Zach was definitely happy to see his bride. He’s a pretty reserved guy, but I could see the happiness shining through.

Tree planting ceremony at wedding bride at the Barn at the Springs bridesmaids laughing and putting together bouquets personalized socks for groomsmen

From there, we got to do some wedding party photos and a few of the couple together. It’s interesting what you find out. I had no idea, but Morgan had a twin brother. That was cool! The groomsmen also all had cool socks! Each one somehow fit the person. Zach had teeth because he plans on being a dentist. It got me thinking, I need some photography socks. If anyone wants to give me a present, now you know.

Bride and Groom in the woods beautiful lighting on bride and groom bride and groom leaning on fence

The ceremony was perfect. The weather was a little warm, but the light was so great! Outdoor ceremonies can be a little stressful, but when the weather is nice, it blows away an indoor ceremony. Morgan and Zach also had two other things that were pretty unique. They did their own vows, which I always love, and they did a tree planting ceremony. Not sure if I’ve ever seen the tree one before. All these years and I’m still seeing something new!

Center piece at the Barn at the Springs Grooms cake like dentist dramatic lighting of wedding cake

The rest of the day went by in a flash. We did some more couple portraits, had all the dancing and lots of fun, and ended the night with a sparkler exit. It all was great, but one moment that stuck out was they did a private last dance. This is starting to happen at more and more weddings, and I love it! It’s a great chance for the couple to have a private moment to wrap up the night, and it’s another chance for me to get photos, this time without the crowd.

First dance at the Barn at the Springs Barn at the Springs Wedding Photos Last dance outside under the lights bride and groom in front of Barn at the Springs Sparkler exit at the Barn at the Springs

What a great day! I got to create  some special photos, had a lot of laughs, and met some new people. check out their The Barn at the Springs Wedding Photos. Which one if your favorite?

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