kissing with twinkle lights around them

The Barn by Two Brothers:Fran & Steve

June has been crazy so far with all the weddings, but I’ve also had a ton of other shoots as well. About two weeks ago, I got to travel down to Ft. Smith and shoot at a place I’d never worked before, The Barn by Two Brothers. I’d talked to Lisa several times and even visited once, so this was really exciting!

The Barn by Two Brothers:Fran & Steve

This was also my first time meeting Fran and Steve, so that made things even better. They both have very fun personalities. There were so many laughs and smiles, from them and from me. I also found out that Steve works at a hospital and one of his groomsmen works with my wife. Such a small world.

engagement photo in front of barn doorson acting grossed out over kissing

They also brought along Steve’s son Jack, and he added a whole other flavor to the engagement shoot. He was quick to make jokes and do silly things, which helped Fran and Steve laugh. Then, he was in several of the photos, and that let us show off that very special part of their relationship. I even made them give Jack a big kiss on the cheeks, which was super embarrassing but fun for everyone else.

engagement photo kissing son on both cheeks

We did all of our shots outside of The Barn by Two Brothers, and we were able to find several great spots. We used the Barn as a backdrop and leaned against the doors. Then, two the side, there’s a really cool set of steps with trees above it. Next door is Lisa’s other business, L Designs, and it had ivy all over the wall. The last set of shots might be my favorite. There’s a platform outside for ceremonies, and it has strings of lights on both sides. I was able to get up high enough and use the lights to frame them.

couple on a bicycleclose up of engagement ringcouple against a vine covered wallkissing with twinkle lights around them

It’s always a joy to get to shoot at a new place and meet new people. This was a great mix of both! I got to finally capture some of the beauty of The Barn by Two Brothers and meet a wonderful couple. Can’t wait for their wedding in December!

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