The Season to be Thankful

This time of year is really a magical one. The holidays tend to bring people together and just put everything in a great mood. People also tend to be more grateful because at these happy times, the people that are less fortunate are such a strong opposite of how we are feeling. I want to spend this blog post just expressing how thankful I am for what I get to do.

Not all of you know my past and what’s been going on, so I’ll try to give a quick summary of some important things. I’ve started photography in 10th grade, and it really has been a large part of me since then. I became a teacher, but I always had that urge to be a photographer. About two-three years into teaching, I started to pursue weddings on the side. Over the years I started to do more and more photography, and teaching became more and more of a struggle. Last June I finally decided to try something different, and I’ve been doing photography full time for 6 months now. 14883584_1201581706552263_5742732428809678985_o dsc02905-edit-copy dsc03290-edit-copybw

Things haven’t been all candy and gumdrops in those 6 months, but I definitely feel a heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders since I stopped teaching. Photography is such a wonderful job. I get to be around happy, energetic people that actually want me around, and I finally feel like I’m good at what I do. I feel like I’m in the right spot.

This has been possible because all of you out there that have supported me over the years. Those of you that trusted me with your biggest day of your life. Those of you that continue to use me after the wedding for other portraits. Those of you that rave about me to all of your friends. Really, really, I never could have stepped away from my teaching job without all of you.

I can’t really express it or say enough to fully convey my feelings, so I’ll just leave it at a big Thank You! Thank you from me and thank you from my family. You guys are the reason I CAN do this job and the reason I WANT to do this job. I see great things ahead, and I can’t wait to continue this adventure with all of you. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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