The Value of Photos

I honestly try to practice what I preach, and I believe in the things I tell my clients. Today, I had a little experience that really connected with the value of photos So, I have three children running around the house and the youngest is a little over one. He is the destroyer of things. Well, I was walking in the kitchen and I saw this photo on the floor. I rushed over to pick it up, afraid Oliver would put it in his mouth or something.

The Value of Photos

Now, this print isn’t anything really special. It’s just a snapshot I took with this Polaroid camera I bought awhile back. It’s a tiny print and the quality isn’t great, but that’s not the point. That photo is of my wife and the three kids all bunched up on the couch, and it has emotional value.

the value of photos

Prints are just pieces of paper with ink on it, but that’s not what I see. I see memories. I see people and emotions, and it brings me such joy.

Sometimes I get all caught up on the technical side of photography. I look at a photo and I think about composition and lighting and a bunch of other things. That does matter, but really matters is the emotional connection someone has to it. What I see as just a photo of a guy might mean something completely different to someone else. Maybe that was their uncle, and that was the last time they saw him before he passed. The value one person puts on a photo isn’t always going to be the same for everyone.

I know this has been kind of rant today, but I really felt compelled that share that with everyone. Your photos are important and you need to make sure you take care of them. Make sure you get a photographer that you can trust to capture your memories, backup your photos, and print them out so you can enjoy them and pass them down to your children.

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