Tips for Picking the Honeymoon

I’ve been married close to 12 years now, and in those 12 years, I’d say my wife and I have had 3 real vacations including our honeymoon. Well, I’m working on putting together a 4th trip. I started doing research and reached out for opinions and got a ton of information. With all of that being said, I thought I’d share some thoughts and tips for picking the honeymoon.

Price Range

The biggest limiting factor in picking a honeymoon, same with most things in life, is how much you can spend. If you only have $500, you’re going to be limited compared to someone that has $5000 to spend. I’m not saying you can’t find something good for $500, but you’ll have less options.

If you personally don’t have a ton of money for a honeymoon, you still can make it happen. In lots of situations, parents will actually be paying for the honeymoon. You will still have a budget, but this usually means a good amount of money. You can always take what the parents are offering and add to it. One great way to build up your budget is through Honeyfund. Your guests are going to be bring you a gift, but most of the time, it’s something you might not really want. Honeyfund allows people to put money toward your honeymoon instead of buying you a pan. This could bring you in an extra $1000 or more.

Leaving the country?

Another thing you need to figure out is whether or not you want to leave the country. There are tons of great places outside of the US and many of them are very luxurious and cheap compared to the US equivalent. Going out of the country can cause some problems. First, you have to get a passport. That might not be the biggest deal, but it is a process. Second, you will be traveling much further. This means higher costs of plane tickets and you will be losing time traveling. Third, other countries are not as stable as the US and can be a bit scary.


We’ve left the country for two of our three trips and I imagine we will leave for the fourth one. There were some negatives to it, but the resorts and cost easily made up for any inconvenience.

What do you enjoy doing?

You want to both haver fun on your honeymoon, so you really need to take that into consideration when choosing. My wife likes to sit out in the sun and be by the water, either a pool or the ocean. I really don’t care about those things. I just want to be able to hang out and not be bothered. Others might find this type of trip extremely boring. They might want some kind of adventure. Not me.

Tips for Picking the Honeymoon

Talk to your fiance and make a list of what you both want. There will be plenty of places that can handle everything you both want. Please remember though, this trip is about the both of you, so you both want to enjoy it and you want to make sure the majority of it is spent together.

Use a Travel Agent

If all of this is very overwhelming, I suggest you find some help. There are plenty of travel agents out there that will basically do all the work for you. You just give them an idea of your budget and what you’re wanting to do, and they will find some options for you. They probably can even find a better deal for you! They also have years of experience doing this, so they’ll be able to tell you works and what doesn’t.

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My Favorites

I haven’t done a bunch of trips as I mentioned earlier, but we have had a lot of fun on the ones we did. My biggest suggestion is to find a place that’s all inclusive. I tend to be a bit cheap, so if I going on vacation and have to pay for everything, I will tend to hold back. With an all inclusive vacation, I can relax and enjoy everything because it’s already paid for. There are plenty of resorts that do this, so it should be an option wherever you choose to go.

I know that wasn’t a ton of tips for picking the honeymoon, but I hope a few of them get you headed in the right direction. The wedding is the most important part of it all, but you definitely want to have fun on the honeymoon as well.


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