Top 10 2014 Wedding Details: rings, dresses, and flowers

Wedding Details: Rings, Dresses, and Flowers

Yesterday we looked at the more unique side of wedding details, and today we’ll be looking at the more traditional side of rings, dresses, and flowers. Let me say again that all the couples did an amazing job selecting everything for their wedding, and this top ten list isn’t necessarily saying one is better than other. Some of it just had to do with our surroundings and my ability as a photographer. A lot of my choice has to do with the overall photo and not just the items in it.

Rings, dresses, and flowers are the essential wedding details for the day. I’ve never been to a wedding where any of those three weren’t present. It would be really strange if there weren’t rings. The fact that they are such a big part of the day puts high importance on them. Sometimes I will spend 30-45 minutes just shooting these three items. wedding details bouquet handcrafted ornaments wedding details bouquet handcrafted ornaments wedding details wedding dress and vail hanging wedding details wedding rings wedding details light blue bouquet wedding details pink and white bouquet wedding details wedding dress hanging wedding details wedding rings on Bible wedding details wedding rings wedding details dress hanging in front of window black and whiteThat’s it for the wedding details for this year. Tomorrow I’ll be back with what  I think is the final installment in this series, the Top 10 Bridal Party Photos. These can get pretty crazy and pretty funny, so check back tomorrow to see what happens.

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