Top 10 Wedding Details and Ideas

Top 10 Wedding Details

Yes, I know 2014 is officially over, but I still haven’t made it through all of my top 10 lists yet. Today we’ll be looking at the tiny things that people spend a ton of time planning: wedding details.

It’s so cool seeing the different themes and color schemes people pick for their wedding and how they use the details to make everything look great. Sometimes people just have really fun ideas as well that fit their personality. For the list, I’ve tried to get a little bit of it all. Today we’ll be focusing on the extra things like name tags, gifts, and other decorations, and tomorrow we’ll be looking at the more traditional rings, flowers, and dresses.

wedding details wine cork table assignments wedding details dessert bar with lights wedding details table assignments on window pane wedding details seating assignments book cards wedding details photos hanging from balloons wedding details dessert bar wedding details photos and banner wedding details umbrella and table pieces wedding details bridesmaids matching shoes with initials wedding details love sign with lightsThese wedding details were really cool to see, and I’m sure they have inspired many other brides to do something similar. Tomorrow will be looking at the flowers, rings, and dresses that rocked 2014!



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