Sassafras Springs Vineyard wedding venue

Top 5 Things I love about Sassafras Springs Vineyard

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There are so many wedding venues in Northwest Arkansas these days, but some really stick out from the rest and are just amazing! One of my favorite venues is Sassafras Springs Vineyard, and I thought I’d share 5 reasons why it is so wonderful!

Top 5 Things I love about Sassafras Springs Vineyard

1. Location

Let’s be honest, location plays such a big part in the success of a wedding venue. Some venues are in the middle of the city, so they have no space, no parking, and have to worry about all the rules of the city. Other venues are out in the country, but they are so far away from everything like hotels and often there is no cell reception.

Sassafras Springs Vineyard wedding venue

Sassafras Springs Vineyard has the best of both worlds. It is located just out of the city, so it has plenty of space, but it is also only a few minutes drive to everything you could possibly need.

2. Natural Beauty

One of the great things about their location is the all-natural beauty surrounding Sassafras Springs. They have so many options for backdrops. There are fields, trees, a creek bed, a bridge, and of course, the vineyards. In some wedding venues, I find myself struggling to find a decent place to take photos. Not at Sassafras. The problem becomes which amazing place to choose!

Sassafras Springs Vineyard wedding venue

3. Variety of Locations and buildings

I remember the first shoot I did at Sassafras Springs. It had to be back in 2013. They were very new and still hadn’t finished several things. We still were able to get great photos because of the natural beauty of the place, but it’s crazy how much they have added since then.

Now, Sassafras has so many different locations and buildings. You have the Whinery, which is a wonderful place to just hang out or use for a reception for a smaller wedding.

botom area at Vendor Spotlight: Sassafras Springs VineyardThe original, and still very popular, ceremony site is the Chapel Ruins. I honestly have never seen anything like it. It’s a stone chapel but the walls and ceiling aren’t completed giving it the “ruins” look.


Then, you have the Stables, which is the perfect spot for the reception.

wide shot of Sassafras Springs vineyardA few years ago, they added the Peacock Room. It’s another building located near the vineyard and a distance from everything else. It was mainly used for the bride until the most recent addition of the Lodge.

The Peacock room at Sassafras Springs

The Lodge was just built, and it is a beautiful location next to the Stables and can be rented separately. It has a giant living room and several bedrooms, the perfect place for the girls to get ready.

The Lodge at Sassafras SpringsWhen they built the Lodge, they also added an extension to the Stables. Now, you can have your wedding ceremony outside, but also covered and near the reception.

new addition at Sassafrasoutdoor wedding ceremony at Sassafras

4. Lodging

A lot of weddings will go late into the night and by then, everyone is worn out and ready to go to bed. For some wedding venues, it can be a real challenge finding a place to sleep that’s nearby.

The Lodge at Sassafras Springs Vineyard

Sassafras Springs has always had hotels within 10 minutes, but now, with the addition of the Lodge, several people can stay right at the venue. It would be a great place for the wedding party to crash or your closest relatives.

5. Caring About Their Couples

Weddings are a special day, and everyone in the wedding business should have the couples’ and guests’ best interests at heart. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it always is. Some are only looking to make money.

Sassafras Springs Vineyard wedding venue

Sassafras Springs truly cares about people and wants to create the best wedding day experience. I have seen that in the way they treat people, but also in all the upgrades they have done over the years. They are constantly growing and looking for new ways to improve the experience, and those are the type of people I want to be around.

Northwest Arkansas is a wonderful place and if you’re looking to get married here, you are very lucky. There are so many great wedding venue options and Sassafras Springs Vineyard is one of the top ones around.

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