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 Top Northwest Arkansas Wedding Venues

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding day, choosing the right wedding venue is so important. Northwest Arkansas offers some many unique wedding venues, from charming chapels to rustic barns and elegant event spaces. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most sought-after wedding venues in Eureka Springs, Bentonville, Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, and Siloam Springs, as well as important things to consider when selecting the ideal location for your special day.

Wedding Venues in Eureka Springs:

Eureka Springs is an interesting little city. The roads are small and winding and go up and down hills, so it seems very much like its own little world. It’s mainly known for crafts and tourism, but it also has two very well known wedding venues: the Crescent Hotel and Thorncrown Chapel. 

Crescent Hotel Wedding Venue

This historic hotel offers a variety of elegant indoor and outdoor spaces to host the perfect wedding celebration. The hotel’s picturesque gardens, grand ballrooms, and charming outdoor terraces provide the ideal backdrop for a romantic and memorable event. The real draw, though, is the history. The Crescent is a haunted hotel that people come to from all over. If you like classic beauty with some history, the Crescent is perfect for you. 

Thorncrown Chapel Wedding Venue

Thorncrown Chapel is very different than the Crescent. It sits up in the woods and is more for smaller, intimate weddings. You won’t find all the hustle and bustle that you would at Thorncrown.

The chapel, designed by renowned architect E. Fay Jones, features a distinctive design with soaring glass walls, allowing natural light to flood the interior and offering breathtaking views of the surrounding forest. Most people choose Thorncrown because of the glass and beautiful design. There’s a similar chapel in Bella Vista called Mildred B. Cooper. 

Bentonville Wedding Venues and Surrounding Areas:

Bentonville is one of the four big cities in Northwest Arkansas, and that makes sense considering it’s the birthplace of Walmart. It has grown so much over the past 20 years, and it will continue to grow and have more wedding venues. Many of these are located in the heart of Bentonville, but several are in the smaller cities surrounding like Centerton or Bella Vista. 

21c Museum Hotel

21c is a very interesting hotel located right off the Bentonville Square. It’s known for it’s modern art and big, plastic, green penguins that people like to move all over the hotel. Most of the time, 21c is used for a reception in their big event space, but I have been there for a ceremony as well. They used a hallway right outside of the event space, so once it was over, people could transition directly to the reception. 

The Ravington

The Ravington is a really fun and unique wedding venue in Centerton. It has some great history. The building is part of the downtown area and was used for several things in the past. Now, they took the brick structure and really made it their own. They added new flooring, a super cool groom’s areas upstairs, and the bride has her own white bridal suite as well. Besides that, you have two big open spaces downstairs for the ceremony and the reception, and outside is a courtyard as well. 

The Ballroom at I Street

The Ballroom at I Street is a clean and modern venue. It is all white inside with beautiful chandeliers and minimalistic decorations. Outside, there are two really nice features. There is a separate house where both the guys and girls can get ready. There are multiple rooms and plenty of space. On the other side of the venue is a courtyard with trees. This is where most people choose to do their ceremony. 

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Another famous place in Bentonville is Crystal Bridges. It’s a world renowned museum that brings in famous work like Norman Rockwell or Annie Leibovitz. They also have spaces for weddings. The central area is a large open room with glass all around. It’s really a beautiful space. 

The Mansion at the Orchard

The Mansion at the Orchard has some great things going for it. One, there are so many rooms inside, so a good number of your guests can stay on site. This means they won’t have to worry about traveling at night. The other thing I really like is the amount of space outside. There are fields and water and a Barn as well. 

Kindred North

About 8 years ago, Kindred North was a different venue, and it had a completely different look. The owners of the other Kindred location bought it, and made huge changes and it looks much nicer now. Kindred North is a smaller building, but they still have space for plenty of guests and there is a bridal suite. It’s surrounded by trees and woods so there is a good amount of opportunities for photos or an outdoor ceremony. 

Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel, Bella Vista

Mildred B. Cooper is a very famous chapel just like Thorncrown. It also was designed by Fay Jones and people come from all over to see it. Last time I was there, I ran into a couple from Louisiana. Just like Thorncrown, it’s a glass chapel and is beautiful. One thing Mildred has over Thorncrown is space. There’s a small building where people can get ready and there are trails around the venue. 

Hidden Falls, Gravette

Hidden Falls is one of the newer wedding venues in Northwest Arkansas. I’ve only been there once, but it was a great experience. It is family owned and has so much space. There’s a large flat field for the ceremony or you can go down to the area with the waterfalls. I also found a bridge and some swings that worked well for photos. Besides tha, there is a building for the reception. There’s one main room and on the back you have a covered patio. With all of this, there are plenty of spaces for people to move around and enjoy the wedding day. 

Fayetteville Wedding Venues and Surrounding Areas:

Fayetteville is my hometown, and the home of the Arkansas Razorbacks, so it’s a very popular place for weddings. Fayetteville has a great mixture of wedding venues within the city and others that are more out in nature. Couples should be able to find whatever they want whether it is a chapel for an intimate wedding, something in the heart of the city, or something non-traditional. 

Botanical Garden of the Ozarks

Botanical Gardens is a beautiful space in east Fayetteville. It’s mainly a place people come to visit and enjoy walking and looking around. For weddings, they have a large wooden structure in the middle of a grass field that people use for ceremonies. They also have a building that can serve for part of the reception, but the majority of the time people will want to be outside in the lovely space. 

Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm

The Stone Chapel at Mattlane Farm is one of the Northwest Arkansas venues I go to the most. It’s out of city limits and you might not eve know it’s there. There’s a long driveway covered by trees that every photographer uses. Then, you have two options for the ceremony: inside the chapel or the outdoor area. The reception hall is huge and has a patio area plus a covered area. 

The Garden Room

If you want to be in party central, The Garden Room is for you. It’s located on Dickson Street where all the bars are. I’ve shot tons of weddings here, and several times the wedding will end but the guests will walk outside and keep partying. Besides the great location, the garden room has an outdoor space for ceremonies and the reception and a large indoor area. 

St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable

St. Catherine’s is right up the road from me, so I’ve worked there a lot. It has a lovely stone chapel, a barn, and a cottage. The workers are very organized and can even perform your ceremony for you. It’s surrounded by woods but you also have picture opportunities with the creek, a swing, an old car, and a wagon. 

Graduate Hotel

Another location in the heart of Fayetteville is the Graduate Hotel. It’s right off the Fayetteville Square and very close to Dickson Street. The Graduate is like most hotels in that the space is going to be a big room that can be used for all different types of events. The good think like all hotels is that your guests can simply rent a room and not have to worry about traveling after the wedding. 

Inn at Carnall Hall

The Inn at Carnal Hall is also located in an important spot. It’s on the U of A campus and on Old Main. From all the weddings I’ve done there, the majority of things happened outside of the Inn. There is a large section where a tent can be set up or you can have it all on the concrete area. 

Arkansas Air and Military Museum

It’s always nice to have something different and unique. The Arkansas Air and Military Museum lets you have your wedding inside a hanger, surrounded by old Military vehicles. You’ve also got the runway, which I’ve used to create some fun photos. 

Fayetteville Town Center

The Fayetteville Town Center is, like the Graduate, on the Square. It has multiple rooms that can be opened up or divided depending on how much space you are needing.  It’s a blank canvas that you can turn into whatever you want. 

Plentywoods Venue

Plentywoods is a newer venue in Elkins. Funny enough, I randomly met the owner at Sam’s Club. I heard her talking about a wedding at her venue, so I had to stop and talk to her. Plentywoods is a barn, but it is more on the elegant side. It has a bridal and groom suite, plenty of land for photos, and indoor and outdoor options for the ceremony. 

Springdale Wedding Venues

While I am a Fayetteville guy, I do admit that Springdale has several wonderful wedding venues. Just like Fayetteville, you have several historical ones that are in the heart of the city, and you have several that are more out in the country, 

Barn at the Springs

The Barn at the Springs is one of my top venues. I love all the venues I work at, but there’s something special about this one. It’s a classy barn, surrounded by fields. Inside you have a large reception hall, a ceremony hall/overflow area, a bridal suite, and a groom’s suite. Outside, there is another for a wedding ceremony. 

Fairlane Station

Fairlane Station is in the middle of Springdale and I believe was once used for trains. That’s pretty cool! They’ve done some cool updates over the years. The biggest one is turning the upstairs into a bridal suite. Downstairs you have a smaller entry way and a large reception hall. It’s not the biggest space, but it would still hold around 75-100. There’s also an outdoor area that many will choose to use for the ceremony. 

The Apollo on Emma

I love movies, so I think the Apollo is so cool. It’s an old movie theater in downtown Springdale, not far from Fairlane. They still have the ticket booth outside and the entry looks like it could still be taking tickets and serving popcorn. 

Sassafras Springs Vineyard

Sassafras is another wedding venue that I’ve been going to for many years and I just love it. It has so much space and they’ve made so many improvements. You’ve got the chapel ruins for ceremonies, the Peacock room for brides, a whole other house that can be rented, the stables, and the attached Veranda is a covered option for ceremonies. 


Heroncrest is another newer venue, one that I’ve yet to work at, but I hear good things. It is a large, clean design, with a lot of natural light. Looks very beautiful! 

Wedding Venues in Rogers Arkansas:

Rogers is right next to Bentonville and another one of the larger cities in Northwest Arkansas. Over the years, there have been several venues in Rogers, but now there are only a few left. 

The Nest at Prairie Creek

The Nest is one of the venues that has changed over the years. It was owned and named something else in the past, but the beauty of the place still remains. The Nest is on the outskirts of Rogers and feels like you’re away from it all. The creek runs right beside the property and you have trees surrounding the whole place. There are two spots that people tend to use for the ceremony. One is by the wood deck where there’s an arch built, and the other is in the big field behind the building. 

Osage House, Cave Springs

Osage House is a beautiful venue that reminds me very much of Heroncrest. It goes for the clean modern look with big windows. One of the best things about Osage House is all the different options. They have multiple buildings, so you can pick the right one for you. Another thing that stuck out to me is the really cool groom’s quarters and the big bridal suite. 

Siloam Springs Wedding Venues

The Brick Ballroom

My last wedding of 2023 was at the Brick Ballroom. It’s another historical site like the Ravington and also has that same brick building look. Inside, it’s a bit more industrial though. One of the great things is you are in the downtown part of Siloam Springs. 

Things to Consider when Choosing a Wedding Venue

When selecting a wedding venue, it’s important to consider factors such as pricing, availability, included amenities, the venue’s location, and whether it aligns with your desired wedding style and vision. Taking these aspects into account will ensure that you find the perfect venue to bring your dream wedding to life. Check out this post to learn more about what to consider


Choosing the right wedding venue is a huge step in creating the wedding of your dreams. Northwest Arkansas offers a diverse selection of enchanting wedding venues that cater to every couple’s unique preferences, providing the ideal backdrop for a memorable and romantic celebration of love. Take a look and I bet you’ll find the place of your dreams. 

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