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Top Wedding Favor Ideas

Gifts are awesome! I think we can all agree that getting a gift, especially if it’s not expected, is one of the greatest things in the world! That’s why it’s so much fun seeing all the different types of wedding favors out there. Over the years, I’ve seen some really unique and hilarious ones. I’ve asked several of my wedding vendor friends, and here are the top wedding favors.

Top Wedding Favor Ideas

Below I’ve grouped my top wedding favor ideas into different categories: experience, edible, drinkable, practical, and decorative. I think each one has some great ideas.

An Experience

Some wedding favors are going to be useful things or something pretty, but other wedding couples might want to create an experience with their wedding favors.

Temporary Tattoos

Growing up, I remember opening different candies and gum and being excited to find temporary tattoos. They were usually some kind of character but other times they were designs. I always loved applying them to my hands and feeling like I was cool.

You can do the same thing at your wedding! There are all types of fun things you could do with temporary tattoos. They could be the normal designs or characters, or you could make something custom or wedding related.

Feeding Animals

The best wedding favors are the ones that are highly personal and well thought out. The most memorable favor we have seen at The Mansion at the Orchard was small bags of apples and animal crackers neatly wrapped, tagged and placed at each seat. We have 2 horses and a mini donkey that live on site. The bride loved horses and wanted every guest to have a memorable experience with the horses.
These treat bags were a huge hit with the kids and adults alike. They also were very inexpensive yet created lasting memories for all. The horses didn’t mind either!
bridal portraits with horse

Tickets to an Escape Room

Another fun idea is to give your wedding guests something to do later. One thing could be tickets to an escape room. I wouldn’t suggest this for large weddings because it could get expensive. Still, if you talk to company, you can probably get a deal on bulk tickets.

Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

I love eating things. One of my favorite things about weddings is cake. I also just love candy and food in general. That’s why most people will love a wedding favor they can eat.

Eat it, don’t keep it

Most favors tend to be more of a keepsake item for guests from the couple.  As much as I love stocking up my koozie collection or picking out a succulent that will most likely die on me, I think it’s always fun when the favors are a sweet treat to enjoy after the festivities end for the day/night.  I think guests can easily enjoy them on their own time along with not having a plant or something large to keep up with. This is a great way to support a local business or staple attraction in that town. It can be as simple as a donut or cake pop to take or something more custom like a cookie with their names, ‘thank you’, or even a fun/special shape!

Rick’s Bakery

wedding cupcakes

DIY S’more Kit Wedding Favors

S’mores are an iconic treat here in America. Most people can remember back to some point in their life, sitting around a fire with friends and family ad making S’mores. Yes, it is easy to get the ingredients on your own, but giving your guests a S’mores kit will make sure they enjoy another night around the fire.

Homemade Cookies

I’m not an amazing cook or baker, but I can make some awesome chocolate chip cookies. Giving guests homemade cookies shows that you put the time and effort into it. It also is a chance to share a special skill or recipe with people. Just make sure that you either let people know or don’t use any common allergens like peanuts.

custom_cookies for wedding

Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bars are an easy and simple gift to give your wedding guests. You can easily add stickers with your wedding info on it, or you can order custom made bars where info is engraved in the chocolate. I like the idea of having a giant supply of different chocolate bars, so people can pick out the one they really want.

Something with a Special Touch

This is something we don’t see as much of anymore, and I think it is fine to not feel obligated to spend budget on a favor if you are working on a tighter budget.  But if it is something you want to do, one of the more memorable things we’ve seen recently was homemade jellies that were made and jarred by the grandmother of the bride.

Each guest was able to take home one of these cherished jars of jelly with a note on each telling the story of how they were handmade by her eighty-year-old grandmother. It just brought such a warm and personal touch to the gift for each of their guests.

Brian and Todd Rudisill
jelly wedding guest gift

Beverage-Themed Wedding Favor Ideas

Besides food, drinks seem to be people’s favorite thing to enjoy at a wedding. Over the years, I’ve seen plenty of beverage wedding favors or accessories.

Hot Chocolate or Tea

Some drinks are really involved, but hot chocolate or tea is pretty simple to make. You basically add hot water. There are way more options for types of tea, but you can change up the hot chocolate by giving a variety of things that could be added like marshmallows, whip cream, or chunks of candy canes.

bride and groom with custom coffee cups

Shot Glasses

For some reason when I was younger, I collected shot glasses. I didn’t use them, but I really liked finding ones with different designs or had characters I like. Shot glasses can be customized with your wedding information or something funny on it. Of course, they can also be really useful at the wedding or later at home!

Bottles of Wine

I am not a wine expert by any means, but I know most people like wine. Giving a bottle of wine to each guest could be expensive, but it would be a nice way to share something you enjoy. You could pick out your favorite wine or you could have a selection for them to pick from. Like many of the other wedding favors, you could customize it with a sticker label with your picture or wedding info.


Cocktail Kits

Another fun at home drink creation is a cocktail kit. I bought myself some of these last Christmas, and it was really fun mixing things and trying new drinks. Again, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. I personally am a whiskey and coke type of person, but I’d enjoy something fancier.


I shot a wedding a good 6 years ago, and I still have the mug from it. It doesn’t get used a lot, but every time I see it or use it, I think about that wedding. It’s a great reminder and very useful.

Bottle Openers or Custom Koozie Wedding Favors

With all this talk of drinking, we can’t forget the wedding favors that make drinking possible and easier: bottle openers and koozies. I know there are times I’ve had beer and I was running around trying to find a bottle opener. Think how much your guests would love you if your bottle opener saved the day. Koozies keep our drinks cold and our hands warm. It’s perfect.

Heart Shaped Wine Toppers

We’ve seen a lot of interesting wedding favors, but there was one that really resonated with us. We love wine, and so did one of our couples. She gave each guest a heart shaped wine stopper. This way, every time they used it, they would think of her wedding.

****I love it when gifts can be used. It’s nice when things are cute and all, but I want to do more than just look at something. Giving a wedding favor that is functional allows them to do something with it and remember your big day at the same time!****

Hangover Kit Wedding Favors

With all of this drinking, there is a large chance many of your guests are not going to feel great the next morning. I never get to see the next day carnage, but I’m sure it’s horrible. Make their lives better with a hangover kit. They can have fun and not have to worry about feeling horrible the next day!

Practical Wedding Favor Ideas

Most times when I’m trying to find a gift for someone I want it to be practical. I want it to actually serve a purpose and be used. That’s probably why I don’t have a bunch of random decorations around my house. Wedding favors can be the same way. They can remind your wedding guest of day but the guests can use them in their every day life.


Magnets are really popular for Save the Dates, but you can also have them for the wedding. They are relatively cheap, but people do use them. Right now, I’ve got at least 5 magnets on my fridge holding things up. One of them is wedding related.

Playing Card Wedding Favors

Not everyone at a wedding likes to dance or drink. Some sit at their table and are super bored. Last year, I saw several guests sitting around a table playing cards. I thought that was a great idea. Playing cards would make a great wedding gift and would keep your guests entertained. They could be normal cards or you could pick out a card game to give.



Summer weddings can be brutal. I know I sweat  in the heat, and I’ve even seen people get light headed. Little fans would help people stay relatively cool, and they can save them to use later on other hot days.

Throw Blankets

I prefer being cold over hot any day, but not everyone is like me. I’ve been at outdoor weddings where it’s in the 40’s and people are freezing. Throw blankets would be a great gift and keep them warm.

CDs or Mix Tape

I know technology has changed, and that CDs really aren’t a thing anymore, but I really miss the day of the mix tape. It was so cool to put together your favorite music and share it with someone. I really doubt anyone has tapes anymore, but some still might have a CD player. Making a 100 copies of a CD would be really cheap, and I bet many would love the nostalgia.

Family Cookbook

Oh man, I’ve seen so many cool things over the years it’s hard to pick my favorite. I’ve seen cigars, little plants, seeds, and all types of fun things. The most unique thing I’ve seen is a family cookbook. They typed up all of the family recipes and put them into a laminated book.

As I said earlier, I love it when gifts serve a purpose. Everyone’s got to eat. What makes this even better is that it’s family recipes. This is a way to connect everyone together through meals that have been important to the family for years.



Another level is the practical useful side is wedding favors that can be used as decorations. They can be put up around your house or maybe at your office. It’s beautiful and a great reminder of the wedding couple.


Imagine giving everyone a copy of your favorite piece of art. Would that be cool to know they will all have it as well? Another fun idea is to let your guests create their own artwork. You could set up a painting or pottery station. It let’s people be creative and they can take it home.

Photo Booth Photos

I always say that favors should be edible! Coozies will be forgotten (I’ve seen too many get left behind at venues), plants might die if your guests don’t take care of them. My favorite useful favor is a photobooth! Not only does it serve as entertainment during the reception, but your guests get to take a copy of their photos with them and cherish them!

Tanya Castella

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crazy photo booth

Guest Portrait Wedding Favors

Photo booth photos are really fun, but they usually aren’t very serious and might not be the best quality. The prints are usually pretty small. I like the idea of giving each family or couple an actual portrait. It wouldn’t be that much different than a photo booth. You’d set up an area, but you’d have a real photographer there and print out a 4×6 or larger.

Caricatures from Photo

A few years ago, I saw this idea at a wedding and I loved it. The couple brought in a caricature artist to draw the guests. It does take a few minutes of sitting there, but the anticipation must be great. Then, you have a goofy drawing to take home!


Wedding Favor Tips

So, we’ve gone through a ton of different unique wedding favor ideas, but that doesn’t mean you should just pick an idea off of the list and go with it. There are several tips and things to think about before picking a gift for your guests.


Almost all of these gifts cost something. Some are really expensive and some are cheaper. Think about how much you want to spend on this and then consider how much each one would cost. The big difference will be how many guests you are having. It’s much easier to give a more expensive gift if you only have 10 guests vs 300.


How long do you want this wedding favor to last? Is it something that will be used very quickly or looked at and then thrown away or do you want it to be something that lasts for years? There isn’t a right answer, but it is something you need to consider.


I was an English teacher for 10 years, so to me, everything has a deeper meaning. Not everyone will want that. Think about whether you want this gift to have some deeper meaning to it or if it’s just for fun. For example, a cocktail kit is a lot of fun, but it wouldn’t have the same depth and meaning as a family cookbook.


You don’t have to give your guests a gift, but I think it really is a thoughtful thing to do. As you’ve seen, there are so many different ideas out there. You can go out and buy things or you can create them all yourself. I suggest you think about the theme of the wedding or what you really care about and go with something connected to that. No matter what you choose, people will always be happy with a gift!

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