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Tuesday Wedding: Al and Michelle

Most people don’t think of Tuesdays when they think of weddings, but it happened! Yep, Al and Michelle got married on a Tuesday, and it was perfect for them. There wasn’t all the stress wondering if they could find vendors like a normal Saturday wedding. On the day of, they were able to take their time and do what they wanted. It was pretty great!

Tuesday Wedding: Al and Michelle

small outdoor wedding at barn at the springsThis was a really chill wedding. It wasn’t a big hoopla and I think that fit them perfectly. Al has quite the personality (he was posing for me right before Michelle walked down the aisle), and he was even sporting shorts. Love it! He’s also a firefighter, so that makes him even cooler in my eyes.skull wedding decorationwedding cake with wood signdragon grooms gift

One other thing that was interesting was some of the decorations. On the head table, there was a skull. Also, Al got a dragon statue as a gift. I don’t know all the details, but it somehow connects with how they met. Apparently, it was through some online game. I’ve been hearing a lot of online dating stories lately but never video games.

groom cryingsmall Tuesday weddingchildren doing sand ceremony at weddingbubble exit after ceremonyEverything took place at the Barn at the Springs. The ceremony was outside, and there were maybe 50 people in attendance, but it was the people important to them, so that’s all that mattered. A few things really stuck out about the ceremony. One, Al got really emotional, and it was beautiful. Guys try to be tough, but his love for Michelle was there to see. This was also a blended family, so they had the children to a sand pouring, which was fun to watch. The rest of the day was just hanging out and eating.

wedding portraits against fencecasual Tuesday weddingbride and groom portraitsWhat a fun Tuesday wedding! It’s nice to have a wedding that’s low key once in a while. I got to talk with Mike from Koon’s Saloon, laugh at some super energized kids, work at one of my favorite venues, and see a lovely couple get married. Fun stuff!

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