Type of Photos the Client Wants

Each wedding is unique and so is each couple. Over the years I’ve come to realize that people want and expect different things in wedding photos.  It’s very important that I figure out what type of photos the client wants.

Type of Photos the Client Wants

Before each wedding I make sure to meet with the couple to talk about their interests. I ask them what type of pictures are most important to them. This lets me know what they value. From there I can build the photo schedule around that and put the right amount of time for what they want.

There are a few different things people tend to care about. Some brides really care about couple portraits. They want to do something special and artistic. Honestly this is probably my favorite thing to do. Others really are into doing photo with the bridal party. These are their best friends and they want to do a bunch of funny poses and goof off with them. Still others are interested in partying and just hanging out with the guests and want candid photos.

Bridal Party Jumping at Magnolia Gardens Magnolia Gardens people dancingType of Photos the Client Wants

My biggest concern is that my couples are happy. A big part of that is taking the photos they want and I have to know the type of photos the client wants before I can do that. Then it’s all good.

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