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Unique Proposal Ideas

A few days ago over on our video website, I shared a really awesome proposal. Basically the guy made a film and had it shown during the previews while his girlfriend was at the movies. That got me thinking about all the cool proposals stories I’ve heard over the years. I always try to ask couples because it’s so interesting to hear all of them. I thought I’d share some Unique Proposal Ideas for anyone out there that’s thinking about popping the big question.

Unique Proposal Ideas

I’ve never shared it before, so I thought I’d share my proposal, and I think it was a pretty unique proposal. I don’t think I did any kind of research on unique proposal ideas or anything like that. I basically sat around and thought of how I could pull it off. All I knew was that I didn’t want it to be a big spectacle, and I didn’t want it to be the same as everyone else’s.

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I love doing things that are unique and I love a little flair and personality!

Eventually I got the idea of using Cracker Jacks. For those of you that don’t know, Cracker Jacks has a prize inside, kind of like cereal. So the prizes these days aren’t anything special, so I couldn’t actually put a ring in there, and I don’t think I would risk that anyway. The prizes are these little square paper things that have some kind of game or riddle inside. Truthfully, they’re not really prizes or anything fun. I went ahead and bought a box and removed the prize. Then I carefully cut open the paper. I replaced the prize paper inside with a piece that said, “Will you marry me?” I then put the prize back together.

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Make your proposal unique to who you two are

Now it was time to pull it all off. At that point, I lived with 3 other guys, so I had to wait till they were all gone. Finally they went away one night, and Ashley and I had the place along to watch a movie. I didn’t want to give her any kind of clue, so I made sure we weren’t watching something crazy romantic and there wasn’t candles or anything out of the ordinary, just Cracker Jacks.

We watched the movie and each one of us had a box of Cracker Jacks. About an hour into the movie, I pretended I was finished eating my box, and I snuck the fake prize out of my box. I then told her she could have it. She opened it, not expecting anything, and when she did I went down on my knee and pulled the ring out of my pocket.

As far as I know, she had no idea this was coming, which was my plan. At that point, I wasn’t really into romance and big events (now I’m a wedding photographer, hahah); I just wanted to do something different.

Other Unique Proposals

Besides that, I have heard some pretty unique proposal stories. One of my friends proposed at the Arkansas Razorback game, in front of everyone. I wish I would have been there to see that. Another time, there was a proposal at the Fayetteville Square. The unique part of it was that there bulldog was there to experience it all with them. I’ve also heard of people going up in hot-air balloons and then looking down to see a sign.

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Find a way to do it when she’s not expecting it

If you’re looking to do something special and unique with your proposal, the first thing I would suggest is start thinking about what makes you two special. If you can somehow incorporate interests, I think that makes it really special. From there, think about a way you can do it where she won’t be expecting it. Put your own special twist on it, so it is matches you two. You could be playing basketball and fake an injury and then get on your knee. You could dress up as your favorite team’s mascot and embarrass her and then all of a sudden pull the costume off. I don’t know, but there are plenty of good ideas out there.

Here are some more ideas:

  • Photo album of the relationship progress, ending with a pic of the ring
  • Take an art class together and turn canvas around to show something special or message
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Get friends to have girls night where they play a special game and lead her around town and finally to you
  • some kind of game night: Scrabble, Charades, or Pictionary
  • Get a Polaroid camera and take a selfie. Switch photo with photo of ring and show her

I love seeing all kind of proposals; they’re all good. I really love ones that are thought out and different. If you have any other ones to add to my list of Unique Proposal Ideas, please comment or send me a message. If you have photos of it happening, that would even be better!

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