Unique Wedding Location in Fayetteville

Everyone wants their wedding to be unique, but often, I find couples simply reusing something that saw someone else do. It’s really difficult to truly find something unique. Wedding locations is one of those tough ones. Weddings require a lot of space and certain things, so most people end up using a venue. There’s nothing wrong with this, I love venues, but some people want a unique wedding location. Bradford and Lisa were able to pull it off for their Fayetteville wedding.

Unique Wedding Location in Fayetteville

Bradford and Lisa are fun and original people. You might remember their Crossfit engagement photos I posted awhile back. It showed who they are, and they wanted their wedding to be the same way. Bradford is an architect, so he wanted a location with a strong design. Lucky for him, he already knew someone with such a house.

couple portraits on the Square bride and groom on street bride and groom against a wall couple walking hand in hand Groom posing on stairs

The entire ceremony and reception took place in a friend’s house, right off the Square. It’s a beautiful place that I had no idea existed. You have these awesome metal gates that open to a courtyard with a pool. Up above, you can see a balcony with vines growing along the edges. My favorite part of the inside is the spiral, metal staircase.

groom waiting for the bride bride walking down the aisle wedding ceremony at a house

The ceremony took place out in the courtyard, right by the pool. The space was a bit limiting in what we could do because I had no intention of falling into a pool, but it was quite lovely. You had the greenery outside, the weather was warm, and the sun was filtering through the trees. One other special thing to point out about the ceremony was that my brother performed it. He’s good friends with them, so he got to be a part of it.

looking down at bride bouquet from rose of sharon flowers from Rose of Sharon wedding portraits near the Square bridal portrait with flowers

After the ceremony, people hung out inside the house, but a majority of the action took place in the same area as the ceremony. They cleared things out and made a nice dance floor. There was a lot of fun going on that night, and a friend that resembled Pit Bull even made an appearance. We ended up having Lisa toss the bouquet from up on the balcony, which was pretty cool, and they ended the night with a sparkler exit right out into the road.

wedding cake by Rick's Bakery unique wedding location in Fayetteville fun in a photo booth bouquet toss off balcony dramatic wedding portrait with back light

I love when people put their own personal touches on weddings. It makes it special for them and for everyone there. Lisa and Bradford’s unique wedding location was perfect. Every time I go to the Square now, I will think about that house and their wedding day. If you are looking to do something a little different, you might follow their lead and find a location that’s special to you and use it for your big day.

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