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Van Buren Wedding: Russ and Staci

I get a lot of emails with people asking about wedding photography, and I’m always excited when they do. Unfortunately, not all of them work out and some of them won’t even respond back to me. Usually, I try to get the bride on the phone because it’s a lot easier to talk to them that way. When I got on the phone with Staci, she seemed like she was a little uncertain about the whole planning thing, so I gave her as much advice as I could. Well, things worked out, and I’m so happy that I got to photograph Russ and Staci’s Van Buren wedding!

Russ and Staci’s Van Buren Wedding

I mainly do my work in Fayetteville, so it’s always fun to travel somewhere. We did video as well, so we packed up and headed there pretty early. I also went to Van Buren for Staci’s bridal portraits, so if you didn’t’ have a chance to see them yet, go ahead and check it out.

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Everything took place in Staci’s church, Heritage Church. This was my first time there, and I was really impressed with how beautiful everything was. The chapel had a high ceiling with wooden beams, big windows up high, and stained glass right in the center. I loved how much space there was in it because that lets us move around and get different angles. Then, the reception area was just a large room, but they did an amazing job decorating it. There were lights and fabric hung up and some really amazing centerpieces.

first look with bridesmaids first look with bride and groom ringer bearer and flower girls at a wedding bride praying with family

Throughout the engagements and the bridals and the wedding, one thing has really stuck out. Staci and Russ are wonderful, kind people. They just have this glow about them that affects you and everyone around. They were always smiling and it made me smile too. Everything was so easy with them, so I could do my thing without any problems.

bride coming down the aisle in Van Buren wide shot of Van Buren Wedding

The whole wedding day was more relaxed than a lot of weddings. It was earlier in the day and there wasn’t a lot of dancing or crazy partying, but that wouldn’t have been them. It was more about family and friends. There were so many people there, and everyone was so happy for Staci and Russ. There were lots of hugs and talking and just happiness.

mother talking to bride before she leaves wedding exit

I never know what people are going to be like when I first get an email from them. I had no idea that Staci and Russ would be this awesome. I’m so glad I got to be part of their Van Buren wedding. In the near future, I’ll be posting their ceremony video and other film, but for now, check out all of their beautiful photos.

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