Vanessa and Drew’s Fayetteville Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos from the past

Engagement Photos sitting by treeAs I was doing all of my end of the year posts, I realized that there were several photo sessions that I never blogged about. Well, Vanessa and Drew’s engagement photos were probably the oldest I found, so I’m going to start with them today and try to give the other sessions the exposure they deserve as well.

I met up with these two at Wilson Park in Fayetteville, which is one of my favorite places because it has so much to offer, and I have a lot of fond memories of the place from my childhood.

There’s a lot of variety at Wilson park. I’ve used it for about everything, from engagement photos to baby photos. One very popular spot is the castle. It’s got a lot of rocks and structures to work with including the castle itself and a bridge. We also moved around to a few different trees to do some sitting and standing poses. There’s one gigantic tree that splits in two directions. We used that plus some heart shaped rock we found.

My favorite part of the day was the creek. When I was younger, I use to love that spot. Now, my mother never really wanted me to play there, but I’d always sneak down, and it would usually be worth the punishment I’d receive. First, I had Vanessa and Drew use the bridge above the creek. There were some trees and leaves, so it added to it. The next part was all Vanessa’s idea. She wanted to go into the creek for a certain shot. I managed to climb down and stand on some rocks, but it was a bit scary. The photo turned out great, and I’m really glad I didn’t fall into the water.

Engagement Photos sitting in chair Engagement Photos in tree Engagement Photos black and white Engagement Photos leaning on bridge Engagement Photos swinging holding hands Engagement Photos standing in creek kissing Engagement Photos kissingIt goes to show that just because you’ve used a place multiple times doesn’t mean you can’t do something new and creative with it. Vanessa and Drew were a blast, and with their creative ideas, we made some lovely engagement photos.

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