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Ways you can Honor the Military at your Wedding

Happy Memorial Day to everyone! I hope you are having a safe and wonderful time. I imagine most of you are off of work and spending time outside and doing things with family and friends. Memorial Day is definitely one of those holidays that people tend to enjoy but forget what it’s about. It’s also one of those holidays where people get really preachy. Don’t worry, I’m not going to do that. I will say that I highly appreciate what our servicemen do, and without them, we wouldn’t have the freedom we have in the wedding world. Anyway, today I thought I’d share ways you can honor the military at your wedding.

Ways you can Honor the Military at your Wedding

The simplest way to bring the military world into your wedding is through their uniforms. I know when I see a uniform it always sticks out from the crowd and gets my attention. You could ask all service men and women to come in their uniform. I think that could create an amazing atmosphere and give everyone something to talk about. It will clearly show that you are supporting the military.

group of military vets at SDIAOften, a bride will have something borrowed or blue with her during the wedding day. This could easily be something like a medal or some other memento. It doesn’t have to be extremely big or noticeable. You could attach it to your bouquet or possibly sew it on the inside of your dress. The point is that it is with you and helps you remember what’s important throughout the day.

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A trend I’ve seen lately is having a remembrance table. This is a place people put photos to remember those that have passed on. I think this is a great idea. To make it even more powerful, you could have photos of all the service men and women that died in the line of duty. Don’t only put up people from your family, but you could asks guests beforehand to send you photos of theirs as well.


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Besides that, you could do plenty of other things throughout the day to remind people of the importance of our military and the people that served. You could use flags to decorate or have a cake with all types of military symbols on it. You could also incorporate different military music into the day like possibly when walking down the aisle or during dinner. I think it would also be really amazing to do a moment of silence at some point to remember all of those that served. You could do this during the ceremony or at some point during the reception.

military cakeThese are just a few ideas of how you could honor the military at your wedding. I’m sure there are lots of different ways. You might ask a few different people and see if anything else really sticks out.

I know your wedding is a special day, and it’s really about you, but the military has impacted so many lives. If it’s a large part of your life and you care about it, I can’t think of a better way to show that then at your wedding. They’ve sacrificed so much, so it would really have a big impact if you sacrificed part of your big day for them.

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