Wedding at Das Bevo in St. Louis

I’ve been really lucky to find some amazing couples in Kansas City and St. Louis that I never would have had a chance to meet. Every few months I run an engagement shoot contest, and I get a ton of entries. Megan and Alex were one of those couples, and I’m so happy I met them. I did their engagement photos way back in October of 2020. About a year later, I photographed their wedding at Das Bevo in St. Louis.

Das Bevo: A unique Wedding Venue

I think the first thing to talk about is the venue. Das Bevo has a freakin windmill! How cool is that? The inside is also so much fun. From what I understand, it was owned by some famous St. Louis beer people at one point (any guesses???). Inside, there are a lot of German architecture features, and the space itself is a lot of fun. Upstairs you have different rooms for the girls and the guys. Then, at the very top, you can actually be inside the windmill.

A Perfect Wedding First Look

There was lots of fun, but it really started with the first look. Alex was so nervous and excited. There was a really big build up, and then when he turned around…his friend was there in a dress. Pure shock! He laughed so hard. After that, we did the real first look and it was just as emotional, just a different emotion.

Forrest Park Wedding Photos

From there, it was party bus time! We drove all around St. Louis and ended up at Forrest Park. I had done a few engagement sessions there before (Star Wars Engagement Session ), but we went an area that was new to me. There was this big concrete area with a big field in the background and some fancy building. The girls and guys were so funny. There were so many big personalities in the wedding party. Luckily no one fell or was thrown into the water.

A Fun Wedding at Das Bevo

The wedding ceremony was in the basement type area of Das Bevo. It looked like maybe it was used for a bar area normally or small performances. It was a bit tight, but things still worked well. Megan’s sister was the officiant, and she was just as funny as everyone else. There were some driving jokes and general goofiness.

The rest of the wedding was a big party. There was crazy dancing, heartfelt speeches, a special song for the couple, and a giant group last song!

When I meet couples, I look for good personalities and lots of fun. I knew instantly that Megan and Alex were my type of people. The wedding was exactly what I expected, and I loved every minute of it. This year, I have several St. Louis weddings. We will see if any of them compare to this wedding at Das Bevo in St. Louis.

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