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Wedding at Legacy Acres: Stephanie & Braden

Life is all about relationships and making connections with others. Luckily for me, I get to do this for a living. Every wedding I get to meet new people and make new friends. I get to learn about different lives, different jobs, and different perspectives. I’m so glad I got to meet Stephanie at Remmy’s wedding. Her personality instantly stood out, and I knew she would be a lot of fun. I was even happier when she asked me to photograph her wedding at Legacy Acres in Conway.

Wedding at Legacy Acres: Stephanie & Braden

Everyone loves presents. There’s just something extremely exciting about getting something new and opening it up to see what you got. That’s how I felt about Legacy Acres. This was my first wedding at Legacy Acres, and it really was a present. This place is wonderful! It has so much space, several different buildings, and everything about it is high class.

outside of Legacy Acres wedding venuewide shot of Legacy Acres wedding venustage at Legacy Acres wedding venue

The ceremony was something special to see. First of all, Legacy Acres has a giant space for the ceremony, but it was packed. I think that’s a testament to how loved Stephanie and Braden are. They are wonderful people.

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bride in Legacy Acres

They didn’t do a first look, so when Stephanie came down the aisle, it was an important moment. That aisle was about 40 yards long, so Braden had a long time to look at her and I got to capture that.

groom seeing bride at Legacy Acrescoming down the aisle at Legacy Acresceremony at Legacy Acres

During the ceremony, they did something that I’ve never seen before: a foot washing. For those that don’t know, Jesus washed his disciples feet, so it’s seen as a sign of love and devotion. I think that’s a great idea for the couple. It’s a way to start the marriage by saying, “I love you, and I want to serve you.”

foot washing during wedding ceremony groom kissing bride's headbride looking at groomwedding portraits at Legacy Acres

The reception was packed just like the ceremony. We had the normal things like dancing and cake cutting, but they did a few things that were different. They played the shoe game. Basically, the sit back to back with a shoe from both people. They are asked a question, and they raise the shoe of the person they think is the answer. For example, how is the better driver? Each person would raise a shoe to show their answer.

shoe game at weddingBesides that, there was a lot of dancing, hugging, and excitement. We even had Stephanie’s group of volleyball girls get together and call it up. That was fun!

wedding photo with chandelier at Legacy Acreswedding at Legacy Acres

We drove about 5 hours that day to get to Conway and back with 3 people in one car and a ton of equipment, but it was so worth it! Stephanie and Braden’s wedding at Legacy Acres was a beautiful day full of excitement, friends, and love.

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