wedding at the Atrium wedding venue

Wedding at the Atrium Wedding Venue: Paige and Jesse

August is one of those months that I never know what I’m going to get. This year, I was lucky to have two August weddings. The first was Paige and Jesse’s wedding at the Atrium. This was a lovely surprise for so many reasons, and I’m so pumped I get to share it with you.

The first big surprise was Paige and Jesse themselves. Most of the time I do an engagement session, so I get to know the couple pretty well. We had planned an engagement shoot, but the schedules just couldn’t align in time. Luckily, they are both wonderful people. It really would have sucked if they had turned out to be jerks. Paige is such a sweet and easy going person. Jesse is also a firefighter and in the military, so I have so much respect for him.

The second big surprise was the wedding venue. I knew the Atrium was somewhere near Branson, so I really didn’t know what to expect. This place is amazing. It’s beautiful, but it’s also so well thought out. There’s a big outdoor ceremony site that overlooks a valley. It has built in doors to hide the bride as she walks out. There’s an outdoor area with built in yard games like connect four and tick tack toe. Indoors you have a huge reception hall with big glass windows, so it could also be used for the ceremony if the weather wasn’t great. Upstairs you have rooms for the bride and for the groom. The girls has a nice couch with some greenery and a sign. The guys has lockers and old movie theater chairs. So both are very cool and create a fun atmosphere.

There were a few moments throughout the day that were really unique and entertaining. One, everyone in the wedding party was so much fun and cool. They were cracking jokes and willing to do anything I asked. Even if that means almost being shot in the face by a cork from a champagne bottle. Another great moment was the garter toss. Jesse snuck down is his firefighter gear. Paige wasn’t expecting it or the lap dance, so her reaction was great.

It’s weddings like this that are the reason I love my job so much. I get to go to really cool places and hang out with wonderful people and oh yeah, I take pictures. Paige and Jesse deserve all the happiness in the world, and their wedding day seemed perfect to me. Check back in a week or so for my other August wedding!

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