couple outside of the CLC glass chapel

Wedding at the CLC Glass Chapel

The record for the shortest time I’ve been hired before a wedding is 3 days. Yep, someone hired me for their small elopement wedding just a few days before. This is a pretty rare thing. Mel contacted me roughly a week or two before his big day, and initially, I wasn’t going to be able to photograph it. About 5 days before his wedding, things changed, and I was open. I’m so glad it did because this was a wonderful wedding at the CLC glass chapel.

I never really know what to expect with these shorter timeframes. With a normal wedding, I meet with the couple, send them information, and know all the details. Not these shorter ones. I really came into it with no expectations.

Wedding at the CLC Glass Chapel

The wedding was at Christian Life Cathedral, at their brand new glass chapel. I knew of CLC, but I had no idea they were creating their own glass chapel. I was shocked when I saw it. It reminded me of Mildred B. Cooper, but with a modern touch. I was also really impressed by the lighting inside. Most glass chapels rely completely on natural light, but they had a full light setup, so the stage was perfect.

Outside of the CLC glass chapelinside of the CLC glass chapel

I was only there for about 1.5 hours, but a lot happened in that time. We had the full ceremony and then a mini reception right after. As people excited, Mel and Janice hugged them. He said a few quick words, and then they went into their first dance. After a minute or so, they started dancing with the guests. They also had cake and these neat little wedding favors. They were rocks with a Bible verse on it.

groom waiting for bridewedding inside of the CLC glass chapelwedding cakerock with scripture wedding favordancing after ceremonybride and groomcouple outside of the CLC glass chapel

These short notice weddings are kind of a like a surprise present. I don’t think I’ve got anything going on, but then wham, wedding awesomeness! Mel and Janice ‘s wedding at the CLC glass chapel was a wonderful present with real emotions and a beautiful backdrop. I’m so, so happy to have been part of it.

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