couple in courtyard of the Ravington with christmas lights

Wedding at the Ravington: Chris and Kourtny

Most weeks I only have one wedding and it’s usually a Saturday. Occasionally, though, I’ll have a Friday or Sunday wedding or even two weddings. In this case, I got both! I already shared Bianca and Tacker’s wedding that was on Saturday, but the night before I was hanging out with Chris and Kourtny at their wedding at the Ravington!

Wedding at the Ravington: Chris and Kourtny

I shared Chris and Kourtny’s engagement session awhile back, but if you don’t remember, I know these two from my days teaching and coaching at Mayflower. Chris was one of my football players and I taught and coached Kourtny’s brother. It’s always special to photograph people I know!

lucky penny and wedding detailshead table at the Ravingtonplant center piecejelly wedding guest giftwhite wedding cake

I had no idea what to expect from Chris and Kourtny’s wedding party. I knew one of them, but the other 8 or 9 of them I’d never met before. I learned pretty quickly that this was one amazing group. One of the first things I noticed was one of the bridesmaids was wearing a Deadpool shirt. That takes a certain type of person, and means fun is coming. Then, the guys were drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon. That’s another good sign!

wedding at the Ravingtongroom in groom's quarters at Ravingtongroomsmen striking a poseguys chugging beersfunny groomsmen photos

I got to work with the guys first, and my thoughts were right. These guys were cracking jokes and laughing the whole time. They were striking poses and chugging beers together. It was a great start.

surprise first look with groomsmen in dresssurprise for the groom

Oh my, what came next was something I will always remember. It was time for the first look, and I got Chris in position. He was nervous and excited like most guys are. He felt a tap on his shoulder and when he turned around…there was a groomsmen in a wedding dress, holding a beer. Wow! It was such a hilarious moment. This was the first time I’ve ever seen this, and I hope I get to see it again. The best part was it was all Kourtny’s idea.

crazy bridesmaidsI hung out with the girls next, and it was the same energy and fun as the guys. There was goofiness and laughing the whole time. It really made my day!

outdoor wedding ceremony at the Ravington

wedding couple in front of giant ivy wallcouple in front of ivy wall

I’ve shot several weddings at the Ravington, but this was the first time, I got to do a ceremony in the courtyard. The inside of the Ravington is beautiful, but the outside just has a different look and feel to it that is really wonderful as well. The courtyard has all this stone work and then a section of plants and flowers against the wall.

grand entrance with confetticouple kissing as confetti fallscouple making confetti angels

There were so many great moments throughout the day, but one that really sticks out is their grand entrance. They had these confetti wands for everyone to wave as they came in. I don’t think anyone was expecting the amount of confetti each contained. It was a white wall of paper. I got a few shots in, but sometimes I couldn’t even see them.

first dance at the Ravingtonwoodstone pizza at a wedding

I’m sure this was quite the mess to clean up, but it was fun for everyone. Even better, the rest of the night there was paper all over the place for people to play in. I even got Chris and Kourtny to make snow (confetti) angels!

dancing at the Ravingtoncouple in courtyard of the Ravington with christmas lights

What an amazing wedding at the Ravington! There were great moments, a hilarious wedding party, and Chris and Kourtny are the easiest people to work with. I love all my weddings, but this was one that set a high bar for the rest. All my 2019 brides better step it up to match this one. I can’t wait to see what surprises are in store!

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