Wedding at Willow Brooke Farm

I love photos, but I also really love and appreciate video. If you really care about your wedding, you should do both! We do video and photo together quite often, but occasionally, I get to go and do video by itself. Faith and Joe ‘s wedding at Willow Brooke Farm was one of those situations.

Wedding at Willow Brooke Farm

Faith was in the same sorority as my cousin, and she was also in Julia’s wedding, so I was really glad when she reached out. My cousin and Julia are awesome, so I knew Faith would be the same. I was so right! She had such a positive energy about her, and I could tell she really cared about the people around her. One way she showed it was by getting presents for the ring bearer and flower girl. They got candy, which is awesome, but they also got astronaut outfits!

Joe is quite the guy as well. Oh my goodness! His group of guys kept me laughing all day. They quoted movies, acted silly, and had some top-notch dance moves. Joe was a bit more down to earth, but I really enjoyed talking to him.

I’m not even sure where to start with this wedding. There were so many great moments. I loved the first looks, between her and her dad and with Joe. I loved the really long mixing of sands during the ceremony (they really took their time). I loved the freakin amazing dancing. Most of all, I think I loved the joy. Everyone was so happy and having so much fun. Willow Brooke Farm is a big place, and it was packed. I think that says a lot about these two.

It’s always wonderful when I have a connection with a couple. It makes it even better when all the people I don’t know are great as well. That was the case with Faith and Joe’s wedding at Willow Brooke Farm. It was a day full of happiness and great people! I’m so glad I got to be there!

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