Wedding Backup Plan

Two interesting things have happened in the past about a week ago. One, my youngest got pretty sick with stomach pain and fever. Two, my left arm started hurting around my elbow joint and in my forearm, making it difficult to use it. This all happened on a Thursday and I had a big wedding on that Saturday. Honestly, I wasn’t worried too much about it. I don’t get sick often and my arm should heal, and either way, I’m relatively tough. I could see this as a scary thing for brides, and that’s why it’s important to always have a wedding backup plan.

Wedding Backup Plan

The first thing to consider is a backup plan for your vendors. Most vendors are companies that are made up of more than two people, so if one person goes down, it’s not hard for another person to fill in. This might not be the case with your photographer, videographer, or DJ. I think it’s always good to ask them their plan if something were to happen. For me, I’ve got a good amount of connections, so I could make a few calls and someone would be able to fill in. There was one time my whole family was getting sick, and I was next in line. I had a backup photographer prepped and ready. Luckily, I was able to shoot the wedding and didn’t get sick…till the day after!


Ceremony Backup Plan

The backup plan that most consider is for the ceremony. Yes, outdoor ceremonies are so beautiful, but what happens if it rains? Many venues around here have an indoor and outdoor option. It might be a bit of an inconvenience to move things around, but at least you aren’t stuck. What will you do if there isn’t an indoor option? Most simply hope and pray, but I’d suggest coming up with something. It might be something as simple as umbrellas, but I’d also look into tents.

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Random Problems

The last backup plan would be more of a random disaster kit. There are several different things that could go wrong throughout the day such as a broken button or loose string on the dress, and it’s nice to be able to take care of it quickly. Here is one example of a kit, but feel free to look around and see what else you might need.

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I hope and pray that nothing goes wrong on your wedding day, but it’s better to be prepared and not need it than to be in a bad situation. No matter what happens, remember that in the end you are getting married, and that’s all that really matters!

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