wedding photo in front of Fritchie Farms

Wedding at Fritchie Farms: Sarah and Paul

I love surprises! There’s some great about having something wonderful pop up when you aren’t expecting it. I’m always happy to get presents, but if I know it’s coming, it doesn’t make as much of an impact. Well, Sarah and Paul’s wedding at Fritchie Farms was a lovely surprise for me! Sarah emailed me a few months before her wedding. At that point, I figured that wedding date would stay open. Nope…surprise! And what a lovely day it was!

Wedding at Fritchie Farms: Sarah and Paul

This was only my second time out to Fritchie Farms, and it was my first wedding there. It’s a lovely barn that’s kind of out in the middle of nowhere. The great thing about that, though, is that you have such a beautiful landscape! It’s nice not having to avoid buildings and all other types of background distractions.

first look with bridesmaids first look with father

groomsmen with guns

A lot of things happened before the ceremony. We got to capture a first look with all the bridesmaids and another first look with the father of the bride. Both were happy but emotional moments. Then, we did some fun photos with Sarah and Paul before we did their first look. The barn has an upper level where the guys were getting ready and a window. Paul stood up there looking out and Sarah was down below in the doorway. They couldn’t see each other, but we got some fun photos of them on those different levels. For the actual first look, we did something different. We put Paul outside of the barn and had Sarah standing on the inside of the doors. We then had two groomsmen slide the doors open to reveal her. There were two of us there that day, so we just had one on the outside and one on the inside to get both reactions. They then read personal notes and the tears started flowing…from Sarah, not Paul (he doesn’t cry).

bride and groom on different levels of barn first look through barn doors emotional moment after first look at wedding

The weather was just perfect that day, and it worked wonderfully for the outside wedding ceremony. We got to see her dog get walked down the aisle, a cross building ceremony, and communion. They certainly made it special for them.

outdoor ceremony at Fritchie Farmsdog in wedding ceremony

The reception is where it all went down. There was a ton of crazy dancing, lots of guns, a special birthday surprise for a little girl, and even horses! Yes, Sarah loves horses, so we got to take photos of them with horses. That was a first for me! Toward the end of the night, I pulled the two of them away and did a few more portraits. I’m so glad I did. The sun was going down, and we got some really great shots. I always love when we get to do that.

bride and groom with horsesilhouette of bride in barn doorway sunset photo of bride with veil flyingWedding at Fritchie Farms

Sarah and Paul’s wedding at Fritchie Farms was a great surprise for me and a perfect first for me at Fritchie Farms. I’m sure I’ll have other weddings in the future, but I don’t know if they will compare!

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