Exiting Matt Lane Farm with classic car

Wedding at Matt Lane Farm: Morgan and Jonah

A few days ago, I got to deliver the final products to Morgan and Jonah from their wedding at Matt Lane Farm. This is always one of the most exciting parts of the process because they get to relive their wedding day again, and they get to see the album and products they will have forever. Morgan had already received her bridal portraits, but that was really just digital files, so this was something much bigger. They loved the album and her parents even got one as well. I thought today I’d share their very awesome wedding with everyone.

Wedding at Matt Lane Farm: Morgan and Jonah

When I first arrived at Matt Lane Farm, I went to check on the girls. As soon as I got close, I could hear music blaring. The girls were having a great time, and they would continue to do that for the entire day. After some detail shots, I went and checked on the guys. They weren’t dancing, but they were having a good time as well. Everyone was so happy! You’d think all weddings would be like that, but it’s not. Sometimes people are too stressed or just not naturally happy. It was so nice to be around happy people!

Wedding rings on custom ring box with cross dress hanging at Matt Lane Farm in black and white bride and girls hiding behind flowers Groomsmen with classic car

There were a lot of great opportunities for photos, but my favorite was the classic car. A friend of the family drove it down just for the wedding. We tried to use it as much as we could. We used it for wedding party photos, couple photos, and then got some wonderful ones as they excited that night. I wish more people had cool cars at their wedding.

bride coming down the aisle bride and groom with classic car bride with flying veil at Matt Lane Farm groom hugging bride from behind head table at Matt Lane Farm flower covered wedding cake Game of Thrones groom's cake

The ceremony was inside the stone chapel at Matt Lane Farm, so we got to avoid the heat. Right before Morgan walked down the aisle, they rolled out a special white linen for her to walk down. That was cool. They also did a special prayer where everyone reached out toward the couple. I’ve seen that a few times, but it’s also a special moment.

Wide shot of first dance in black and white father daughter dance at Matt Lane Farm Wedding at Matt Lane Farm

The reception had some great moments. There was an emotional father/daughter dance, some group dancing, a rocket like bouquet toss, and a really special last dance, but there was something really awesome that I’d never seen before. The groom’s cake was styled after Game of Thrones. If you don’t know what that is, I can’t help you. It had the throne on it and all the different banners for the houses. So cool!

Bubble exit at Matt Lane Farm Exiting Matt Lane Farm with classic car Leaving Matt Lane Farm in a classic car

Morgan and Jonah put together a wonderful wedding at Matt Lane Farm, and I enjoyed the whole day. We got some great photos, but more importantly, I got to hang out with some fun, kind people and watch them get married. I have such a great job!

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