Wedding photographer in NWA: Hannah and Cooper

I love goofy people. You can never know what they will do next, but you can always expect to be laughing when you’re around them. Hannah’s one of the goofiest brides I’ve ever been around as a wedding photographer in NWA and I smile just thinking about her. This was my second time hanging out with them since we did engagement photos, so I kind of knew what to expect.

Wedding photographer in NWA: Hannah and Cooper

The entire day took place at the lovely Fairlane Station in Springdale. It’s an interesting venue. If you weren’t looking for it, you might not notice it or know it was a wedding venue, but inside is awesome.

Hannah and Cooper didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony, so we had to communicate to make that happen. We simply had the boys hangout in the big area inside and took the girls out to do portraits. It was cold, I mean super cold that day, so we didn’t stay outside long. We knocked out some portraits of Hannah in front of Fairlane and then did a few group shots. That’s about all the girls could handle, so I sent them outside and did the same with the boys. For them, we used the side fence and I had them all hanging out and leaning on it. They were pretty smooth about it.

The ceremony took place in the back, outside area of the venue. It is beautiful out there. You’ve got this cool black fence surrounding the area and then this spiral staircase to the side. It’s also pretty open, so for a photographer that’s great because it allows me to move around. It was still cold during the ceremony, so everyone was bundled up, but it was still a very entertaining and touching ceremony.

As soon as the ceremony was over, everyone ran inside toward the heat. We quickly did family photos, and then I moved onto the bridal party. We didn’t do a ton with them, but I did climb up the stairs and get some pretty cool photos looking down at them.

The reception was more about hanging out and talking than anything else. There wasn’t dancing or anything crazy. People just enjoyed each other’s company. The food was awesome. They brought in two food trucks that hung outside, and inside, they had a freezer full of ice cream. My type of people. Then, the best thing, they had the Razorback game streaming on a big TV!

I did manage to convince Hannah and Cooper to come outside for some portraits. It was dark and cold, but we got some great stuff. I climbed back up the ladder and had them dance and snuggle. I used one light to make them stick out. We then switched. I had them up high and I shot from down below. These photos were some of my favorites of the night.

Hannah and Cooper ended the night in a unique fashion, but it makes sense. They are both athletes and Cooper is still a coach, so they thought it was be fun to exit to pom poms and a cheering crowd and run through a banner. It was as great as it sounds.

It was a laid back and relaxing day for me. So many of my weddings are crazy and involved, but this one was a good change up for me as a Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographer. Hannah and Cooper were a blast to be around, and they made it a day to remember.

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