Wedding Photos at Magnolia Gardens: Alex and Misty

I haven’t shot a ton of weddings at Magnolia Garden, but it seems that every time, it’s an amazingly awesome and unique couple. I guess wedding photos at Magnolia Gardens are just meant to wow! We had the secret concert and glowstick bomb exit at Matt and Ashley’s wedding. Then we had the rockstars (geologist joke) that loved Star Wars and Lord of the Rings with Austin and Rachel, and now, I have Alex and Misty, superhero lovers and so genuinely nice.

Wedding Photos at Magnolia Gardens: Alex and Misty

I really enjoyed all my time getting to know Alex and Misty. We had a fun engagement session around the Fayetteville Square, and I got to hang out with Misty to plan things. They are both so laid back and just really kind people. They are both pharmacists, so they’re geniuses as well. I also found out that Alex likes superheroes, which worked out perfectly for a groomsmen photo. Each guy had a hero shirt under their dress clothes, so we had them pull open their shirts to show it off. We did some special lighting and made something really cool.

Groom with Batman shirt under clothes Groomsmen wearing superhero shirts Groom portrait in black and white Groomsmen jumping in the air

up close shot of wedding rings wedding dress hanging up on bookshelf bride getting hair done

The weather wasn’t perfect, but you’d never know with Alex and Misty. They dealt with it really well, and in the end, we still got to have the ceremony outside. It was a bit chilly, but everyone just huddled together and kept smiling.

outdoor wedding ceremony at Magnolia Gardens wedding photos at Magnolia Gardens wedding ceremony kiss at outdoor wedding couple near Magnolia trees bridal photo at Magnolia Gardens

bubble exit at Magnolia Gardens

There were a lot of fun things and special things, but the most unique thing was the groom’s cake. It was a mixture of all the things Alex loves. It was a giant golf ball, with Oklahoma tees, and there was a giant Batman symbol on the golf ball. The cake definitely fit Alex.

Groom's cake golf ball with Batman symbol


I love going back and looking at Alex and Misty’s Wedding Photos at Magnolia Gardens because it reminds me of them and their special day. That’s the really cool thing about photos. Not only can you look at them, but there is that mental and emotional connection to the photo as well. You can remember how you felt at that moment and many other things about the day. I hope I get to make more memories at Magnolia Gardens soon.

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