Wedding questions: Do I need a wedding planner?

Most people think that wedding photographers just show up and take photos of the day, but there’s really a lot more planning and interacting involved. Before the wedding and on the wedding day, a wedding photographer will interact with many other vendors and be affected by them. One of those vendors that can make or break the day is the wedding planner. People will often ask me, “Do I need a wedding planner?” Today I will cover all my thoughts and experiences with hiring wedding planners.

Like photographers and any other vendors, wedding planners are all different. They each have their own personality and things that they offer. Before hiring a wedding planner, I would definitely talk to them in person and find out all the things they do. Some of the things I mention will be provided by some wedding planners, while for others, it might not. Do your research to find out exactly what you are getting.

Do I need a wedding planner: Before the Event

Wedding planners can offer a lot before the big day. The amount of work they do is really up to the couple. If the couple has a really busy life, they might let the planner have complete creative control over everything. Others might do the minimum. Some of the things that wedding planners can do before the wedding are suggest vendors, create a smaller set of choices for the couple to finalize, communicate with the vendors directly, or plan out the timing of the day.

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During the Event

I’ve had some extremely different experiences with wedding planners during the wedding day. Some of them I never even talked to and didn’t even notice, while others have been all over the place. Some have been there just for the reception, while others have been there all day long. Again, it really depends on the planner and what you are wanting. I’ll just talk about what all I’ve seen throughout. Before the ceremony, the wedding planner can be in charge of the vendors, making sure the ceremony and reception are getting set up properly. They can also keep everyone in line and on time. Sometimes the guys can wander off, so it’s nice to have someone keeping them in line. At the ceremony, the wedding planner might get everyone in the right place, tell people when and where to go, and fix any last minute problems. During the reception, they might tell everyone when to do certain events like the dances and they might explain how to cut the cake and then cut it for all the guests.

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I’ve had some good and some not so good experiences with  wedding planners. Most of the bad experiences have been from lack of communications between us. I like to know what’s going on so I have time to prepare. There have been too many times where the wedding planner started moving into an event such as cutting the cake without giving me sufficient warning. The best wedding planners will be flexible and talk to me to make sure I’m ready to go before something happens. The other situations were caused by wedding planners wanting too much control over the day. The planner would order me around more than actually talk to me and want to tell me how to do everything, including taking photos. That can be frustrating. I know some wedding planners have a lot of experience, but they should still be flexible and consider the other vendors.

There are a lot of great wedding planners out there, and I’ve worked with plenty of them. Recently, one of my good friends and former brides, started wedding planning. As a teacher and cheer coach, she has the skills needed to plan and organize a wedding and is great under pressure. I’ve worked with her before, and it was a great experience. Check her out! Angela Clark Events

When a bride asks, “Do I need a wedding planner,” I suggest she thinks about the questions very carefully. Some brides do very well planning a wedding all on their own, and some venues provide a planner, so they wouldn’t need to spend the money. For other people, life might be too hectic, and a wedding planner would be a necessity. The bride needs to figure out which category she falls into and then just go for it.

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